Celebrating Small Successes: What-a-Week!


#smallsuccess 1: On My Own

Joel’s two-week paternity leave ended last Friday (yes, I’m spoiled and grateful!) so this marked the first week on my own with three kids.

And the survey says … ?

So far, so good. And I was even able to wash, fold, and put away a couple of loads of laundry (only having two pair of pants that fit helps tremendously with laundry motivation, doesn’t it?!)

Mom to three

A few months back I read a story about how American moms feel three children is the most stressful number. I was a little surprised to read that stat given many friends with three-plus say the transition from one to two was harder than moving from two to three and beyond.

Since I’ve only been at this mom-to-three gig for three weeks, I will reserve judgement about stress levels for another day (or year). But I do concede having one more child than available hands poses a new set of challenges. On the other hand (I don’t have an open hand! Wait while I set a child down), I already see how three kids will help me become gazelle-intense with setting priorities. Those last minute grocery runs are not going to be doable.

But for now, me and Das Schmidt Haus, well, we’re celebrating no meltdowns this week.

* * *

 #smallsuccess 2: A Date with Well-Read Moms


I belong to a Well-Read Mom group and we met this week to discuss our latest read, The Good Earth by Pearl Buck. Many years ago I loved reading. Somewhere around my grad school years, I fell out-of-love with leisure reading. This group and the women in it are helping me fall back in love with it.

* * *

#smallsuccess 3: A Happy Five-Year-Old

8-inches cut off and a ponytail donated to Pantene Beautiful Lengths. That might have been the best day of Lucy’s life. Bonus: this mama didn’t freak out. I promise.


Also, it’s my honor to give an enthusiastic recommendation to Christina Weber who owns and operates Grace Family Salon. Christina is a faith-filled young mom who has taken a leap of faith and invested the startup dollars to open her own salon. This may sound strange but I have prayed to find someone like Christina to support. Our family’s visits to her salon not only leave us greatly satisfied with our hair care but are also opportunities to share in faith and fellowship. Des Moines-area friends, please do consider supporting her business. You can find her Facebook page here.

Now it’s your turn! What are your small successes? Share them over at CatholicMom.com.

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  1. says

    Super cute kids! My 7 year old is currently growing out her hair for donation as well. Congrats on surviving the week without any meltdowns–that’s alway a reason to celebrate.

  2. says

    Congrats on surviving the first week “solo”. That’s always a little bittersweet. I hope the transition of another child continues to go well. And if at times it’s not, that’s OK too!

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