1. I love reading reflections on the Mass readings–especially since my kiddos like to distract us while we’re trying to listen. Having a beautiful reflection like this ahead of time helps me to stay focused when I’m at Mass. Thank you for helping me to prepare for Mass and for sharing your insights! Keep ’em coming!

    • Amen! Glad you enjoyed this, Catherine, and thanks for sharing affirmation. I just told Joel this morning that this could be a regular series for him. Not only to help me because “his kids” distract me at Mass ;), but this could provide good practice for him given he’ll be giving homilies regularly very soon. Thanks again!

    • Hi Catherine! If nothing else, they help me prepare for Mass, too. However, I would like to keep to writing these on a regular basis as practice for eventually writing homilies.Thanks very much for the encouragement!

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