1. Love it all! Great job, Mama! Here is one of my favorite bread recipes-so easy and yummy! http://www.ourheavenlyhomestead.com/2011/07/wheat-sandwich-bread/

    We did a lot of preschool bag activities too. A couple of our kids’ favorites since then and still today are a medium sized clear plastic box of dry beans and another one with dry rice/oatmeal mixed. They have lots of small old yogurt containers, funnels, cups, ladels, etc. to play with in there. We did learn quickly that those are best played with on an old tablecloth or beach towel/blanket for easy cleanup.

    Glad to hear things are going well.

  2. Julie Nelson

    Oh, Lisa. I did the same thing with a homeless man in Rome (eternal city, no less)! And my family watching (double ugh). Joel is right…. it brands an ever motivating imprint on the heart and mind that I lasts for more than self accolades. Love the busy bag idea and glad to hear you are getting chunks of sleep! Miss you…

  3. Vicki Ramsey

    I enjoyed you both at Urbana, Is, last night..So excited I found you. I hope to incorporate Pray,Work,Rest,Play in my classroom

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