1. My advent wreath story: ours was part of the goods stolen in February. So, our insurance replaced it (with an actual wreath) – but it’s even better than the one we had. I *assumed* it came with candles. When I realized it didn’t, I hit the local Catholic-Christian bookstore on Saturday – only to find they are all out. So…Target has lavender scented tea lights. …we have no pink “joy” candle…but, we have candles, and that is close enough for this year. :)

  2. Well that’s a hidden blessing, huh? I neglected to purchase Advent candles, too, and found some at Bed Bath & Beyond. I was surprised to see they had a nice selection of Advent-specific candles. And I put a 20% coupon to good use! You should blog & linkup to CM, too!

  3. I love special wreaths like these. I’ve been keeping my eye out for just the right one but haven’t found it yet. I like the carvings and quote on yours. Where did you find it? (Even if it is made in china) I think it would be really cool to get a custom-carved one somehow…

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