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What’s the Friday Photo Challenge word for the day? Here’s a clue.

The Snow Sculpture Out the Schmidt's Front Window!

How about an “all-things-we-LOVE-right-now-at-DasHausSchmidt” 7 Quick Takes?

— 1 —

As crazy challenging and exhausting the adjustment to three has been for me, I’m encouraged daily to see the genuine interest Lucy and Jude take in their new baby sister. It started at the hospital when a thoughtful nurse suggested waiting to give Lydia her first bath until her older siblings were available to help, which they were thrilled to do.

Ever since that moment, I’ve had a quote from Blessed Pope John Paul II on my heart: “The greatest gift you can give your child is more siblings.” We see the evidence all around us. We’re surrounded by friends whose kids really love one another. It seems ours do, too.

I think I have more to say about this topic. Consider it a teaser for a future post.

Lydia's First Bath

— 2 —

Funny how the kids gravitate to me when I just pick up a Christmas storybook and start reading out loud. But just one story. And as long as isn’t over two minutes. And only when the story involves a girl named Lucy.

But I keep trying.

I’m pleasantly surprised at the large collection of materials available at our public library, especially the large selection of Tomie dePaola books. I cleared the library’s shelves last week and now we’re swimming in books. What’s your favorite Christmas story — I’m taking suggestions for my wish list.

Children's Christmas Books

Books about Lucy at Christmas

Lucy is a popular character!

— 3 —

Who needs Christmas lights when you can do Advent lights? Check this cool idea for front porch Advent candles from our diaconate classmates Mike & Renee Carney of Glenwoood, Iowa.

Advent - Christmas Porch Lights

— 4 —

Two words: Shatterproof Ornaments.

Shatterproof Ornaments

Because we’ll be stepping on shards of broken ornaments until St. Patrick’s Day.

Broken Ornament

— 5 —

Turkish Coffee - French PressThis photo was taken during our pilgrimage to Rome, Greece, and Turkey nearly three years ago, and I’m still talking about how good that coffee tasted. While the quality of coffee beans do matter, I think the French press made all the difference. I’m ready to invest in a high quality coffee press. Any recommendations?

— 6 —

Gaffigan Tix.png

Jim Gaffigan’s coming to town!

March 19 cannot get here soon enough. We are looking forward to a night out with some great Catholic couple friends when we’ll see the Dad is Fat author and comedian live on stage. My friend who’s organizing the outing sent me the tickets in her Christmas card, and I nearly recycled the envelope before realizing the tickets were tucked nicely in it, too.

Now I’ve been known to go and ‘rescue’ recyclables from my neighbors trash bin and put them in my recycling toter before the garbage trucks come through. Who knows what would have happened had those tickets been thrown out!

— 7 —

Finally, we love our Iowa State Cyclone men’s basketball team (keep an eye on ‘em this season!) and LOVE that they squeaked out a victory over the Iowa Hawkeyes. Lydia’s a happy girl, too!

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    What a great idea! My husband and I wanted to somehow incorporate advent lights out front this year but we weren´t sure how to do it, so we abandoned the idea. I will definitely remember this for next year!

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