1. Luana Durston

    Hi Lisa

    I am interested to hear your opinion on this matter I am faced with at the moment. My gift is to sing. I have recently been asked to sing at a wedding. This couple are gay. I have been praying long and hard and still can’t hear the answer on whether I should or should not sing at their wedding.
    Anything you can share to show light on this is much appreciated.
    Thank you for your time :)


    • Luana,

      Thanks for commenting. We’re flattered you would ask for our advice on such a sensitive matter.

      This type of question is often asked on Catholic Answers, and the response is usually no, depending upon the particular circumstances. In this case, you’re being asked to share one of your God-given gifts in support of a union of persons that is not in line God’s plan for marriage. Regardless of your relationship with the couple, if you’re a practicing Catholic, we don’t know how you could justify supporting this union in any manner. If the couple knows you well enough to ask you to sing, surely they must have some sense of your religious convictions and know they are putting you in a very difficult position. Our advice would be to politely decline while assuring the individuals of your continuing love and friendship. Additionally, you might want to seek the counsel of a trusted priest or spiritual advisor, if you haven’t already.

      It can be very difficult standing up for the Truth in such circumstances. We will keep you in our prayers.

      Peace and blessings,
      Joel & Lisa

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