Why I Love My Wife, Volume 3

Had enough, yet? Neither have I.

Why I Love My WifeSeveral years ago, I had the opportunity to read from 1 Corinthians for a friend’s wedding. I’ve never really heard it or read it the same way since. It’s the standard to which we should hold ourselves, particularly as a married couple and parents. It’s a high standard, but so much depends upon how well we love. We directly impact the salvation of our spouses and children by how well we measure up to 1 Corinthians 13:4-8. So, how’s my lovely wife doing? Let’s take a look.

  1. Lisa is patient, Lisa is kind. She is not jealous, [Lisa] is not pompous, she is not inflated. Many Mondays when I go back to work, I think, How the heck does she do this?! Life with three (wonderful) children can be flat-out exhausting. Every moment of the day, each of them needs something, usually something different. Occasionally, when I am just about to lose it, I see her dutifully, cheerfully move from one child to the next, sprinkling a spoonful of sugar wherever she goes. I am reminded that she does this every day, suppressing her needs and desires to lovingly care for our children and generally be the heart of our home.
  2. She is not rude, she does not seek her own interests, she is not quick-tempered, she does not brood over injury. I’ve seen my wife wronged, and the grace with which she handles these difficult moments is stunning. Rather than punching back, she’s prays through these difficulties, pondering them in her heart. She uses them as opportunities for self-reflection, always considering that she bears some responsibility for the situation, even when it’s crystal clear to me that she doesn’t. Finally, she responds with charity.
  3. Lisa SchmidtShe does not rejoice over wrongdoing but rejoices with the truth. The truth is that every family is supposed to be a domestic church. Lisa takes this very seriously. She brings the Church into our home by decorating it according to the liturgical season. She has introduced me to sacred art and music and generally all things of beauty related to the Church. So many of our conversations when I come home from work begin with some reflection she read or spiritual thought she’s been pondering. She’s a gushing wellspring of spiritual wisdom, only a fraction of which makes it onto the pages of our little site.
  4. She bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. I’m going to go all deacon formation on this one. It’s been a difficult three-and-a-half years, during which we have added two children to our growing family. So much of it is just getting through each month, each week, each day. But one day in something Lisa wrote, it really hit me. The sacrifice for her/us doesn’t end with ordination this August. I knew that in my head, but I maybe I didn’t truly know it in my heart. She is signing up for a lifetime of sharing me with the Church. She bears and endures this, because she truly believes God will do great things through me as a deacon. I don’t deserve that.Lisa and Lydia
  5. Lisa never fails. Be assured that there are weak moments; neither of us is perfect. It’s an honor for me to be a part of those, too. Lisa trusts me enough to allow me into those, knowing that they don’t change a thing except that I love her all the more for them. Lisa always gets up, dusts herself off, and trudges forward, a bit wiser and stronger. Watching God perfect her through the daily grind of life at Das Schmidt Haus inspires me more that she can possibly realize. I draw my strength from her.

Happy St. Valentine’s Day, Lisa – my wife, my best friend, and my rock!

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  1. says

    A spoonful of sugar? And with that, every woman who didn’t hate me before now does. But as Lucy says, “Daddy loves you, mom, that’s all that matters!” Indeed. Thanks for showering me with your loving words here.

  2. says

    I think it is beautiful and lovely and I certainly don’t hate you! But I also know that sometimes with those spoons full of sugar we mamas once in a while throw in some salt on accident, but that’s what makes us human and that’s OK too. You are an amazing woman and I have no doubt that everything Joel wrote is true.

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