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What this aspiring freelance writer knows but struggles to implement:

10 Steps to Becoming a Better Writer
It’s been very quiet and irregular here lately, huh? Well, not that kind of irregularity. The kind of irregularity I’m referring to is the sporadic publishing of blog posts here at our digital plot of land. Maybe inconsistency is a better word. I recently read that a cardinal sin of blogging is inconsistency, to suddenly stop pushing out posts without informing your readers that you’ll be taking a bit of hiatus.

We never formally stated we were taking a break, did we? Oops. I trust our loyal readers expected as much from us during these past 3+ months while enjoying life with our newborn daughter. Speaking of babymoons, it feels like my postpartum fog is finally lifting, and I’m eager to carry out Brian Clark’s advice above.

Truth be told, though, it’s not the writing part where I get stuck. It’s finishing what I’ve started. Time to get writing AND finishing the race! And it just so happens that Jen Fulwiler issued another writing challenge: 7 Posts in 7 Days beginning Monday, February 24. Challenge accepted. Time to let my fingers make some joyful noise via the keyboard.


Here’s what’s in store for my 7-Day Challenge: (I reserve the right to change these terms and conditions at any time, and you agree to abide by the most recent version of this Terms of Use Agreement each time you view and use this website.)

  • Monday: A response to this headline: “Democrat Legislator: A Colic, Crying Baby is a Good Reason for an Abortion.” This story has been on my heart a lot. Maybe because I have connections to the legislator, and definitely because the debate is happening here in Iowa. ** UPDATE: Day 1 post is now published. Click here to read What “I Know My Limits” Really Means.
  • Tuesday: A recent encounter with a neighbor, my barking dog may or may not take center stage in this story, has me contemplating life in the ‘burbs and the importance of community. ** UPDATE: Day 2 post is now published. Click to read How McDonalds Shakes are Bad for Dogs.
  • Wednesday: I have a golden ticket to the Edel Gathering in July! Rumor has it that the woman wearing the most outrageous pair of footwear during the Friday evening gathering will earn a prize. I will reveal the shoes I plan to wear during the event. Trust me, there’s more to this story than just a photo of my footwear. **UPDATE: Day 3 post now published. Click to read The Symbolism of My Pink Shoes.
  • Thursday: Time for another edition of an ongoing series here called Pray, Work, Rest & Play where I share how we’re striving to incorporate an order, a rule of sorts, to our daily routine here at Das Schmidt Haus. A routine that organically involves prayer, work, rest, and play.  **UPDATE: Nope, didn’t write about any of that. I instead finally got around to writing that follow-up to the Worry List post. Click to read Pray, Hope and Don’t Worry (Part 2)
  • Friday: I’ll link up with Jen’s 7 Quick Takes and introduce the saints who occupy a seat on my 2014 Saint Board of Directors.
  • Saturday: Joel and I are leading a retreat for young couples at a parish in eastern Iowa on this day. We are giving three separate talks, and I’ll tease a bit of our talk titled “Strengthening the Mr. and Mrs. after You’re Dad & Mom.”
  • Sunday: I end the 7 Posts in 7 Days challenge by unveiling the Lenten blog series that kicks off here at The Practicing Catholic on Ash Wednesday, March 5. I’m so excited to share! Let’s just say the series involves food and many guest posts from friends near and far.

My goals and plans are public now. Here’s to writing and finishing the race. Oh, and gentle encouragement to keep me on pace is welcome. St. Francis de Sales, patron of writers, pray for me.

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      • says

        I hear you – I have dozens of drafts, but I’m not sure how many will be appropriate for next week (many of mine are specific to different liturgical seasons and feast days), but I’m hoping!

  1. says

    Sounds ambitious. I´m too much of a procrastinator to entertain such a challenge. Although, I know someone who can relate to the “finishing the race” dilemma. How many drafts are you currently sitting on Maria Campbell? :)

  2. says

    Oy! Thanks for calling me out on Facebook babe. ;) But it´s true. I have great intentions and just can´t seem to get a grasp on finding time to write right now. I tend to break all of the blogging rules but for some reason a handful of people still read it, for now. :)

  3. says

    I’m so excited we will see each other again!!! I have a ticket to the Edel Gathering also! Woo Hoo! It’s not a party without Lisas!! :-) BTW, your post is inspiring me to tackle the 7 posts in 7 days again. Last year I only made it 3 days, but who knows, maybe I’ll go the whole 7 this year.

    • says

      YAY! So looking forward to seeing you again soon. And thank you for your affirming words here. Good luck with your challenge. Looking forward to stopping by your digital home next week!


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