I am Cheating Again: A combined {phfr} and 7 Quick Takes

As I sat down to the laptop and started to draft another edition of {pretty, happy, funny, real} I realized I had quite a few photos I wanted to share. Then I thought, Well, it’s been several weeks since posting a 7 Quick Takes, so let’s churn out one of those again. (Yes, hyperlinks ALWAYS appear in my thought bubbles.) Then I saw Dwija from House Unseen combined her {phfr} and 7QTs into one post here. If she can do it, so can I, right? And if memory serves, I’ve done it once before and didn’t get arrested. So let’s go for it!




Looking for a fun craft to keep little hands occupied while freeing up yours for a bit? Check out this Snowflake Ballerinas for Little Hands template. Not sure how it plays with the boys, but my daughter has spent hours making these paper ballerinas and hanging them all around the house. Rather than using a piece of folded paper to make the tutus, we simply used coffee filters. And a big hat tip to Elizabeth Foss for sharing this on her blog once upon a time. We’ve gotten lots of mileage out of this simple craft.


I’ve said I want to fill das haus with more unique and sacred art, and I couldn’t be happier to hang these beauties painted by a creative five-year-old named Lucy. She’s enrolled at Studio Virtu here in Des Moines. During her weekly classes, she works her inner Rembrandt while I treat my inner Juan Valdez to a cup of coffee and conversation with great friends. Priceless.




Our local Catholic bookstore, Divine Treasures, provides an excellent service to families with their monthly story hour. Nina the storyteller is a hoot, and the kids really connect with her. Well, most of the kids do. During the February story hour while Nina was teaching the kids about St. Valentine, Jude was more interested in playing with the My Mass Kit and trying to serve the Body of Christ to the giraffe.


Still winter


Newsflash: It’s still winter. And the snow tastes divine here. Who wants to visit?

— 5 —

Ezcema Cream LabelWe’ve been going to war with eczema here. To treat it, we have tried coconut oil, a shea butter concoction, and dietary changes so restrictive that the only thing left to eat was practically vegetables. All of those approaches lessened the severity of the rashes, but none really got the job done.

Enter my friend Rachel who occasionally writes for Catholic Sistas. She made an eczema cream with emu oil, shea butter, coconut oil, beeswax, lavender, roman chamomile, lemongrass, and frankincense. Within 24-hours of trying her homemade cream, we experienced smooth skin — SMOOTH I tell ya! — for the first time in months. And the house smells oh so good. Rachel is now producing and selling the cream (WAY TO GO, GIRL!) and asked her husband Eric to create some labels for the containers. The result is shown above. :)

Rachel, I hope you sell millions and becomes famous for your eczema cream!

— 6 —

Letter to Pope Francis

In honor of today’s feast, the Feast of the Chair of St. Peter, I followed through with something I’ve wanted to do for months. Write a letter to Pope Francis! After sealing the envelope I remembered our friend Bryan is fluent in Italian. And after seeing Pope Francis speak English this week, I probably should have asked Bryan to help translate my letter. A d’oh! moment for sure. Oh well, chances are slim my humble little letter will even make its way to the papal desk. But you never know; once upon a time an Iowa farmer wrote to Pope John Paul, and the rest, as they say, is history.

— 7 —

7-day-blog-challengeIn the time it took me to edit the photos, upload them here, and offer a brief synopsis of each, I could have finished at least one of my 7×7 posts couldn’t have I? Mistress of Procrastination, I am, I am.

Truly, I am really looking forward to writing each of the posts, and hope you’ll come back and visit our digital plot of land next week. Maybe you’ll even leave a few words in the comment box? It’s gotten lonely around here lately. Now time to get writing!

Thanks for stopping by! Check out other {pretty, happy, funny, real} posts over at Like Mother, Like Daughter. And for more Quick Takes, visit Conversion Diary!

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    Thank you for the eczema cream tip. And the ballerina craft tip. And the link to the story about the Iowa JPII visit.
    And you just win for best 7QTs this week. Congrats.

  2. says

    We’re living in a parallel universe these days! How adorable are those ballerinas?! I know a little girl who would love to add those to our kitchen windows. Studio Virtu sounds like such a special place. What a blessing! I hope our local Catholic bookstore will adopt story time like yours. I’m glad you’ve found a solution to eczema for your crew. If you ever run out of that fabulous sounding concoction, there’s another option called Aquaphilic Ointment made in Sioux City, IA. Most pharmacies sell it behind the counter. It’s a really thick cream. We lather the kids up with it after their baths, and it makes a big difference. You better give Pope Francis your phone number so that I can read a story about him cold calling you. Godspeed with the 7 posts in 7 days challenge!!! I’m anxious to read your posts. I read your previous one listing what you’re writing each day. Way to go on your organization and prep work! Mine will be more like a fly by the seat of my pants kinda thing. Have a blessed Sunday!

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