1. Thank you for the eczema cream tip. And the ballerina craft tip. And the link to the story about the Iowa JPII visit.
    And you just win for best 7QTs this week. Congrats.

  2. We’re living in a parallel universe these days! How adorable are those ballerinas?! I know a little girl who would love to add those to our kitchen windows. Studio Virtu sounds like such a special place. What a blessing! I hope our local Catholic bookstore will adopt story time like yours. I’m glad you’ve found a solution to eczema for your crew. If you ever run out of that fabulous sounding concoction, there’s another option called Aquaphilic Ointment made in Sioux City, IA. Most pharmacies sell it behind the counter. It’s a really thick cream. We lather the kids up with it after their baths, and it makes a big difference. You better give Pope Francis your phone number so that I can read a story about him cold calling you. Godspeed with the 7 posts in 7 days challenge!!! I’m anxious to read your posts. I read your previous one listing what you’re writing each day. Way to go on your organization and prep work! Mine will be more like a fly by the seat of my pants kinda thing. Have a blessed Sunday!

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