1. Andrew

    Thanks for this excellent reflection. Unfortunately the secular culture is obsessed with results. From the stock market to sports statistics, if your contribution to society cannot be measured with numbers, then you probably are not doing much. The Christian tradition does not put emphasis on numbers so much as faith, hope, and love, none of which can be quantified by human standards. Instead, each individual is inherently valuable even though we all owe a debt that we cannot possible repay on our own. And here you have certainly hit the nail on the head so to speak: Lent is the season that has been set aside for us to begin to realize this reality.

    • Hi Andrew. Great to hear from you, and thanks very much for your insightful comments! This was a actually practice homily I wrote for deacon formation class. Generally, I try to pick preaching areas where I feel convicted and preach to myself first. I have found that writing reflections for the Sunday Mass readings is excellent practice, which I would like to do weekly. Maybe Lent would be a good time to re-dedicate myself to that effort.

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