1. Aw, poor puppy! Your retelling of the story is so great. I can definitely see the exact same thing happening to this house…in fact, it kind of has! Last week, my sleep-deprived resident husband let our dog out in the middle of the night. While our dog was outside, Philip fell asleep on the couch. He fell asleep for half an hour while our dog was barking outside. We received a letter from a neighbor the next week, highlighting the city ordinance for barking dogs. Oops! Oh, and a car ride for ice cream? Always a great idea! I see that happening in our future.

  2. Cathy Underhill

    LOL for real!! And I can absolutely hear Lucy recounting all that had happened. (LOL some more!!) Oh and by the way Lisa, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. — No matter the temps or the weather, I agree that ice cream is always in season! Thanks for another great post!

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