1. […] Thursday: Time for another edition of an ongoing series here called Pray, Work, Rest & Play where I share how we’re striving to incorporate an order, a rule of sorts, to our daily routine here at Das Schmidt Haus. A routine that organically involves prayer, work, rest, and play.  **UPDATE: Nope, didn’t write about any of that. I instead finally got around to writing that follow-up to the Worry List post. Click to read Pray, Hope and Don’t Worry (Part 2) […]

  2. I did create my ‘Worry List’ that day – and found it while cleaning my desk a couple of weeks ago. My main worry that day actually found resolution that week – and the resolution was far easier/less difficult that what I’d imagined it to be.
    Thanks for the prompting. Naming my fears/worries is always helpful for me – but I don’t do it often enough.

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