7 Quick Takes: Not Just Soups

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— 1 —

Who knew Catholic radio could be so delicious? It’s been a fun week with great opportunities to plug our ongoing Soup & Stories series. Matt Swaim interviewed me for the Son Rise Morning Show on Monday. He’s a smart interviewer, and we had a great chat. Full podcast of Monday’s show is available here.

Today I’m on Around the Table with Jeff Young (The Catholic Foodie) and Monsignor Christopher Nalty. It’s broadcast on Catholic Community Radio for New Orleans/Baton Rouge/Gulf Coast. The program airs at 3:30pm central on 690AM in New Orleans and 1380AM in Baton Rouge. It also streams live at the same time online at http://catholiccommunityradio.org.

My voice also participated in Pat Gohn’s latest Among Women podcast What We Love About Pope Francis.

— 2 —

Given my food blogger ego is getting a little big, I thank my daughter for attempting to humble me.

Lucy: “Mmmm. This soup is good!”

Joel: “It is good! Mom’s the Queen of Soup, isn’t she?”

Lucy: “Mom has a lot of soups to go before she’s the Queen of Soup!”

Peeshaw. Lent has 40 days. Plenty of time yet to earn that illustrious title.

— 3 —


So here’s a round-up of the soups we’ve had this Lent so far. From left to right, starting at the top left corner.

— 4 —

A reader commented she was surprised to see I’m sharing meat-based soups during this series. A follow-up to her comment.

  1. How many of you actually go meatless throughout all of Lent?
  2. If you are (or if you’re a vegan), the handy-dandy thing about soups is you can most often leave out the meat and sub a variety of beans as necessary.

Let’s move on…

— 5 —

One of my nieces had a rocking birthday party this past week. My sister-in-law’s father is an artist and has a pottery studio. The party was held there — big and small kids alike had so much fun.

Jude Pottery

Lucy Pottery photo 4 (5)

Potts Pottery

Potts Pottery Studio

My sister-in-law’s maiden surname is Potts. Rather fitting, huh? I asked Mr. Potts if he rents out the studio for moms’ night out, and he and his wife welcome the idea. Local gals, let’s do this. If you are interested, let me know. I’m working on setting up an outing. Wine will be involved, too.

— 6 —

A couple of months ago I received a review copy of the book The Blessing Cup: Prayer Rituals for Families and Groups by Fr. Rock Travnikar. The book includes some lovely prayers for daily family life such as holy days, birthdays and anniversaries, illnesses, sacrament prep, and “first” events. The only thing missing at Das Schmidt Haus was a blessing cup. So I asked Mr. Potts if he could make us one, and here is the result.

Blessing Cup and Plate

A blessing cup and plate way beyond my expectations!

— 7 —


Looky looky what I have in my possession? These are the same books that introduced me to Laura Ingalls Wilder some thirty+ years ago, and now I’m excited to introduce Lucy to her. I have visions of sitting on the deck this summer reading these to Lucy while the younger kids nap. I can dream, right? And I pray it’ll become our reality!

Have a great weekend! Stop back tomorrow when Leila Lawler from Like Mother, Like Daughter joins our Soup & Stories series.

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    • I’m rethinking my cavalier giveaway/throwaway practices. I can already hear Lucy squawking in my ear about this or that thing that I donated because it was taking up too much space in the house. :)

  1. Sounds like Lucy is filling out her ‘first born’ shoes quite well, then! ;)

    I just made the roasted mushroom soup, today. Amazing! So delicious!
    For tonight, I reheated the soup in the microwave, then topped it with a heart bread and slice of Swiss cheese, and broiled it for 5 minutes. (like a French onion soup) Holy cow. Mind blowing. You have to do that next time you make it!

  2. Karey

    We had that same edition of books as well! I have most of a set that I got at a book sale. I love the Garth Williams illustrations. I would be interested in a ladies pottery night.

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