Take 5 with Chris Stefanick

Ready for some fun? Time for another Take 5! Today we welcome Chris Stefanick — a husband, father, speaker and writer, and founder of the nonprofit ministry Real Life Catholic. Chris and I chat about his latest project with Ascension Press called “Chosen: Your Journey Toward Confirmation,” a preparation program for those receiving the Sacrament of Confirmation.

It’s great stuff. As in Father Robert Barron’s Catholicism-esque really great stuff. I hope you’ll take the time to acquaint yourself with the materials. And if you are so moved, please consider sharing the materials with your parish priest and religious education staff as well.

Video Notes:

0:26 — Take 1: Some approach Confirmation as just another box to check on the Catholic bucket list. Chris chats on how it’s more than just a program to complete.
2:35 — Take 2: Chris shares how the Chosen materials help teens better understand the sacrament.
4:00 — Take 3: Meet the Dream Team! Many well-known evangelists and catechists appear in the Chosen videos. We give you a sneak peek.
4:55 — Take 4: Chris reveals his favorite things about Chosen (mine, too!).
7:20 — Take 5: Chris shares some encouraging words to help parents keep running the race with perseverance.

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I’m not hosting a giveaway this time around, but a few friends are! 

Thanks for stopping by and tuning in!

P.S., I really had fun with this interview, especially the post-production work. I hope you enjoy the new iMovie tricks I’m learning. :) 

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  1. says

    I absolutely love Chris. I have never met him, but enjoy cleaning my kitchen while listening to his videos on line! This program is outstanding! Our Parish, Saint Rose of Lima in Newtown, CT is using it next year, and I wish I were a teenager again! Sadly, I don’t even remember worksheets in my Confirmation class. I just remember being bored, and wearing a really ugly dress. CHOSEN IS A GAME CHANGER. In fact, I sneak into the Confirmation Coordinators office just to LOOK at the books, and have even considered changing up my First Holy Communion coordinating position, and switching over to youth ministry, just so I can be a part of Chosen! My daughter will make her Confirmation next year, so I will live through her! (side note: she had to pick a living person as her hero and write about them….hey, Chris…she chose YOU!)

    Thanks for sharing this! SO excited! Real great stuff.

    • says

      Thanks, Laura, for stopping by and taking the time to comment. We agree — this is a game changer. How exciting that your daughter will be celebrating Confirmation and you’ll get to see the program in action. Many blessings to you both!


  1. […] Earlier this week I interviewed Chris Stefanick about his latest project with Ascension Press called “Chosen: Your Journey Toward Confirmation,” a preparation program for those receiving the Sacrament of Confirmation. It’s great stuff — we’ve come along way since I was confirmed 25 or so years ago. And it’s about time, really. More about it in my interview with Chris here. […]

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