7QT: 2 Days Late and Several Dollars Short

It’s two days late and several dollars short of anything worth value, but hey, here’s another round of 7 Quick Takes Friday Sunday.

— 1 —

Schmidt-Greece-DonkeyFlashback, May 2011 — riding donkeys in Lindos, Greece to get to the top of the city and tour the acropolis during our Footsteps of St. Paul pilgrimage. Why do I share this photo here and now? Well I found a way to weave our donkey riding experience into a post about Palm Sunday and my favorite Lent/Easter children’s book for a guest blog post over at Reading Catholic’s Lenten book series.

Head over here to check out my review of a book that belongs in every Easter basket.

— 2 —

My latest is also up at CatholicMom.com. I preview one of the best talks on parenting I’ve ever heard called How to Raise Strong Catholic Families in a Difficult Culture. Check it out here.

— 3 —

Here’s some fun news! Randy Hain‘s new book Journey to Heaven: A Road Map for Catholic Men is now out. Guess what? Joel contributed to the piece. Joel Schmidt — Husband, father, deacon-to-be, biochemist, short-order cook, and now contributing author. How does he do it? :) The book will be released by mid-May in plenty of time for Father’s Day.


— 4 —

If you’re in need of appreciating Our Lord’s Passion from a fresh perspective, you might want to view it through the eyes of St. Gemma Galgani, a young Italian mystic, stigmatist, and victim soul from the late 19th Century, who is known as The Daughter of the Passion.

Joel gave on a talk on St. Gemma for the Catholic young adult group here in Des Moines last week. He also wrote up a synopsis for our latest column at Catholic Stand here.

If you’re looking to go deeper this Holy Week, you might want to explore the life of St. Gemma. Her life is fascinating, challenging, and inspiring.

— 5 —


Earlier this week I interviewed Chris Stefanick about his latest project with Ascension Press called “Chosen: Your Journey Toward Confirmation,” a preparation program for those receiving the Sacrament of Confirmation. It’s great stuff — we’ve come along way since I was confirmed 25 or so years ago. And it’s about time, really. More about it in my interview with Chris here.

— 6 —

Joel and I were interviewed for this month’s issue of Catholic Digest for a piece titled, “How to be great godparent.” Nancy Flanders, the journalist, did a great job both interviewing us and writing the piece.

The article is now available to read online here.


— 7 —

A few weeks ago I chatted with Jeff Young (The Catholic Foodie) about our Lenten Soup & Stories series. Jeff uploaded our talk into his iTunes channel, and the podcast can also be found here at his website. Jeff also shared a few of his favorite meatless soup recipes. YAY! Given we’re five weeks into this “all soups all the time” adventure, I’m grateful for a few fresh ideas to keep us sipping strong through Holy Week.

Thanks, Jeff, for interviewing me and sharing a few of your favorite recipes. We love your work. And thanks, as always, to Jen for hosting the 7 Quick Takes link-up. For more Quick Takes, visit Conversion Diary!



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