Easter Snapshots


FlowersHe is risen. Alleluia! Popping in to wish you a Happy Easter on this fifth day of Easter. It feels good to allow the fingers to fly on the keyboard once again. I suppose I could have waited until day 45 or so to pass along Easter greetings and stubbornly reinforce that Easter is a 50-day celebration, but I won’t. Maybe next year.

I realized late in the day on Easter Sunday that I didn’t get one photo of my blue-eyed beauties in their Easter best to share here. Not even one? Not. One. Photo.


May I please explain? Okay, thanks. We attended 8:30 AM Mass — always a scramble to get out of the house and to that Mass on time without getting busted by the speed cameras along the way. We arrived in time while following all posted speed limits … or so we hope. Al to-the le to-the luuuuuu-ia! Mass was beautiful, and as suspected, went a little long. Given we had 10:00 AM reservations at a fancy-dancy brunch (no cooking, for the win!), we hustled out to get to the restaurant in time. But I was able to snap a quick photo of some of the Easter colors inside the Basilica of St. John. Doesn’t she look lovely?


Then I was going to have someone at the restaurant take a family photo but, well … that story involves a baby and a blow-out and no baby wipes and no spare outfit for blow-out baby … so yeah, no photos of our kiddos in their Easter best this year.

However, I do have some photos from our lovely outing on Easter Sunday that involved glorious sunny skies, temps in the 70s, a walk to an open grassy field near our home, and a humuhumu kite. Nothing screams Easter like a humuhumu, huh?

Have I mentioned lately how much I love these people in the photos? I really, really love them! And the humuhumu flew high and proud!

Joel and kids with kite

Jude running with kite

Kite blurry

Lucy with kite

Joel and kids

Lil Lydia girl enjoyed blanket time with me. Look at those chubby wubbys!Lydia on blanket

Lydia's Toes

And I, of course, enjoyed playing with my camera and trying to capture fun shots.

Green Grass

I do have a few more Easter photos I want to share, including a quick tutorial for naturally dyed Easter eggs, but I’ll save that for my next post. Signing off to get dinner ready.

Happy Easter! He is risen. Alleluia! 

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