• David Jones

        I was just telling my sister the same story about cardinals being visits from those who have passed. To be honest I never pray for those in purgatory. Well that ends today, it will now become a daily practice. Thanks for sharing your story and opening my eyes to even more souls in need. God bless you and your family.

  1. Thank you for writing this. I lost my father a year and a half ago. It is a good reminder to pray for his and all our loved one´s souls.

    Yesterday we had a visit from a Cardinal to our bird feeder. Usually when the cardinal arrives all the other birds, sparrows and dove, fly away quickly. The cardinal is the top of the bird chain at our home.
    But yesterday, they all ate together in peace. No one was forced to fly away. It struck me as unusual.

  2. A very touching story, plus you gave me a good laugh – just picturing the whole thing in my mind. Love it! BTW, I think I still have the recording of the time your dad recorded some neighborhood cardinals singing to each other one Saturday morning!

  3. oneview

    We once had a squirrel in our house, so your story made me giggle as I remembered how there was lots of freaking out going on in our house that day :-)

  4. ginger

    “Maybe it’s a sign. Maybe not. Was is providential or coincidental?” A very holy priest told me one time that for those who believe in God there is no coincidence! Great story :)

  5. Lynn

    My Husband and I are listening to you and Joel on XM 129 as we drive back from helping our First born Daughter move to Denver for her first job out of College! I immediately went to your website practicingcatholics.com I feel such a connection with you as I also have many “cardinal” stories since my Sister passed away in 2000. She was visited by a cardinal when she was in the late stages of Breast Cancer… One that followed her from room to room in my Mom’s House. We joked that it was Our bird loving Grandma and she jokingly said she’d visit us as a cardinal. No room to share the dozens of stories! Thank you for passing time along 70 and thank you for your ministry!


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