1. Marcia

    Neat! I’m reading it too. We visited New Mellary on our honeymoon! And took the kids back there a few years ago. Enjoyable!

    • On your honeymoon … now that’s awesome! On our honeymoon, we visited some wineries that looked a little monastic! :) You are one of those women who inspire and have gently nudged me in a very organic way to grow in holiness. Thank you, truly!

  2. LISA! This new series is an answer to my prayers! Now that Philip is on his last month of residency, and we’re approaching our new normal of having him around in the evenings, we’re trying to revamp our family prayer time. The book and the ideas you’re sharing are exactly what we were looking for! I can’t wait to read this book, listen to the podcasts, hear your thoughts, and start creating our own little oratory. Thank you so much for this series. I pray it brings our families many blessings!

    • Awesome!! I think I understand where you’re coming from, too, regarding Philip’s residency schedule. Joel has one last retreat left this weekend and that’s it until diaconate ordination in August. I’m praying to find that new normal, too. And what perfect timing for you to journey with your little oratory, with a new house and all. Lucky duck, you have a fresh, blank canvas to play with! :)

      Maybe you and Philip will read it together? I would love to hear another male’s thoughts regarding the ideas in the book.

  3. I had no idea what an oratory was either but I thought it was a speech of some sorts! Like you, I am so grateful to the Catholic blogosphere to bring people together and find others who are seeking to make their homelife a holy life.

    • Hi there! Thanks for dropping by and commenting. I like how you phrased that … make our homelife a holy life. That’s a pithy mission statement right there. :)

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