What Every Catholic Marriage Prep Program Ought to Include

How would you answer this question …

Outline a marriage preparation program for your parish. Explain what components you would like to include and why.

Joel had to answer this very question for his sacramental theology course, and we thought it made good blog post material, too. It’s the topic of our latest column at Catholic Stand.

And {cough, cough}, for the record, Joel received a perfect score on his answer. Was the professor too gracious or just right in his assessment? Head on over and grade it! And then let us know what components you think are essential for a parish marriage preparatory program.


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  1. K.C.Thomas says

    The first topic must be love …definition 1Cor.13
    Next Catholic marital sexual ethics. This can be done by dedicated ,mature couples who have full faith in Church teachings They should explain the reasons for Church teachings on each topic and manifestation of sexual love. The sacredness of sex must be dealt with threadbare. The pleasure of prayer and abstinence must be subject of talk to impact the couple deeply.

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