10 Things I Love About Daddy

Dr. Meg Meeker says, Dads: You are your daughter’s first love.” That’s certainly true for a five-year-old girl hanging around these parts.

Lucy and Daddy drawing

10 Things I Love About Daddy.png

My daughter Lucy and I were making homemade cards for Father’s Day last week, and I asked her to tell me ten things she loved about her daddy. Here is what she said.

1. Playing games with him.

2. Snuggling with him.

3. Going grocery shopping with him.

4. Reading Bible stories with him.

5. He likes hearing me read, and I like that.

6. Helping him make stuff, like cakes.

7. Helping him set up decorations for Christmas.

8. Drawing together.

9. Reading books together. My favorite is Orange Peel’s Pocket.

10. Praying with him at night. It does make me smile.

Notice how every one of her items involves doing something with him. Her words are a simple reminder to slow down, pay attention, listen, and be present and invest time with our kids.

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