1. You know, our favorite Catholic comedian, Jim Gaffigan lives in a tiny space (well, okay, I don’t know how many square feet it is) – but it is a 2 bedroom apartment with his wife and 5 kids. :)
    Interesting post, Lisa. We moved into our house just over a year ago, and it is amazing how it can fill up with ‘stuff’ so quickly.

  2. ginger

    I have been intrigued by them for several years and subscribe to tinyhouseblog – always fun to see what can be done in small spaces! I have yet to see a family with more than 3 children featured though

  3. I helped a woman who lives in a very modest home; one bedroom, two kids, and honestly? I am not sure the bathroom was IN the home. She was gracious, and welcomed me inside, didn’t apologize for lack of space or lack of organization. I have a friend who just bought an enormous home, in a wealthy neighborhood,and when we walked through it, she pointed out what was wrong with, that she doesn’t love it as much as her last enormous home, and shamefully expressed “it needed work”. My personal experience? The bigger the home, the emptier it feels. No matte how much “stuff” you fill it with, it is never enough. No matter how big, someone else will have bigger. Would I love a better kitchen and back porch? Absolutely. But if it means losing touch with what matters (like the people I fill it with!) than I will choose tiny.

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