7 Quick Takes: Info on Ordination, Lino’s Visit, Charism Workshop, Speaking Gigs & More!

Tap tap tap … is this thing on? Let me interrupt our blogging radio silence to share these very important details.

1. Diaconate Ordination!


Joel’s deacon stole and invites for ordination arrived two weeks ago. The invites still sit in the box, so it seems we need an office assistant to even get them addressed and out in the mail. If you want to attend but are waiting for the official invite, please don’t wait on us to get our act together. The ordination Mass is open to the public, so please come and celebrate if you desire!

Here are the details:

  • Saturday, August 16, 11:00 AM — Ordination Mass at St. Ambrose Cathedral
  • Saturday, August 16, 1:00 PM — Diocesan reception following Ordination Mass across the street from the Cathedral at the Pastoral Center (time is approximate). This is essentially a new deacons meet-and-greet with light refreshments.
  • Sunday, August 17, 8:30 & 10:30 AM — Mass at Basilica of St. John. Joel will serve at the altar and likely preach the homily at both Masses.

2. Lino’s Coming to Town!

Lino Rulli from SiriusXM The Catholic Channel is bringing The Catholic Guy Show to Des Moines the week of August 4th. The Wednesday, August 6 show will be with broadcast with a live audience from local hotspot CONFLUENCE BREWING COMPANY. Yes, Catholic radio live from a brewery. Should make for great times, no? Interested in attending the live show? Let Lino know via email at [email protected] Get your request in ASAP!  

3. Bonfire!

We are also organizing a backyard bonfire for Lino while he’s in town. Isn’t that awesome?! And so very Iowa, too. Details are still being worked out, and we’ll share them here then. Looking forward to showing Mr. Rulli how we roast stuff here.

4. Charisms


Joel and I often throw around the word charism. Well, actually, St. Paul threw it around first in 1 Corinthians, Chapter 12 and we’re just following his lead. Several years ago we attended a Called & Gifted workshop facilitated by Sherry Weddell, and it truly was a game changer for our spiritual formation.

Central Iowa friends, here’s your chance to learn more about your charisms and then join us in throwing around that word, too. The St. Joseph Education Center is hosting a Called & Gifted workshop in October. Space is limited — register here.

5. Speaking Gigs

Joel and I are enjoying our speaking engagements and are slowly building our schedule for next year already. I’ve updated our Speaking Page to reflect the different talks we give. I’ve also included audio of interviews we’ve given to various media outlets. I’m considering launching some type of financial incentive program to offer a kickback of sorts to people who help us successfully book a gig. So there’s THAT to keep in mind as well when passing our name along.

6. Homeschool Day at the Iowa State Fair


New this year at the Iowa State Fair! Homeschool Day at the Fair (Go ahead. Insert joke here about socially awkward and weird homeschooled children hanging out all together at the Fair.) The day is scheduled for Monday, August 11, and will feature a lunch meet-up to connect with other homeschoolers. To receive a Homeschool Day schedule and take part the special programming, send a completed field trip reservation form to the address listed on the form and wait to receive your packet in the mail. See you there?

7. Now for a silly little question because I don’t have anything else to promote …

I need a new show to watch on Netflix. I’ve successfully caught up on all episodes of Mad Men, Sherlock, and Call the Midwife. Now what? What’s your guilty viewing pleasure, friends?

For more Quick Takes, visit Conversion Diary!

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    • says

      I’m dragging my heels on Doctor Who and I don’t know why. I bet it’s one that the Mr. and I would enjoy together. Thanks for the nudge. Maybe we’ll stream Episode 1 tonight!

  1. says

    Congrats on your almost-deacon! My husband was ordained 2 years ago and it has been one of the busiest blessings that has been bestowed upon him/us : )

    • says

      “Busiest blessings” — that pretty much sums it up, Joanne! Sounds like a title or subtitle for a book that we blogging deacon wives should write together one day! :) Thanks for commenting.

      • says

        I’m totally up for writing a book! It could be alternatively titled… The Mother’s Survival Guide to Solo Parenting Mass or Why Does the Deacon’s Wife Stand in the Back of Church?

    • Michelle brookhart says

      count me in, too, Lisa! I’d love to help with that as well if you could use me. And thanks for the heads up on all the local awesomeness! I instantly registered for the workshop. So excited!!

  2. says

    We love Agatha Christie’s Poirot. We also were crazy about “Larkrise to Candleford” which you can get free on YouTube. We also watched it on Amazon Prime, but couldn’t find it on Netflix. We loved the HBO mini series, “John Adams.” Hope that gives you a few ideas.

  3. Shelly Troup says

    Congrats on your husband becoming a deacon! I follow all your posts and love your site! It’s great to have a go to place for all things Catholic! Keep up the great work!

    • says

      Shelly, THANK YOU! Sorry for the delay in my response. We flipped the switch on our blog redesign, so I had to shut comments off for a bit. We SO appreciate your support and readership. Blessings to you!!

  4. Deacon Andrew says

    It’s getting real! If you need and/or want help with the invitations, Thursdays are the best days on my schedule, though some evenings are open as well. Just let me know. Keeping up the prayers.

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