1. Just attended the American Academy of Fertility Care Professionals in St. Petersburg, FL. This was without question one of the finest meetings we had. Lots of new info on breastfeeding and fertility, gyn issues in adolescents, diet, and new updated effectiveness statistics.

  2. Hey Jeanne Wells, not that I’m trying to get out of my scheduled interview (or maybe subconsciously I am?!), but check out Julie Craven’s comment. I want to hear more from her! :)

  3. Here’s a question for you, Lisa Schmidt — do you think it’s a ‘preach it from the pulpit’ kind of task, or more for lay people? In other words, whose job is it to bring NFP to light? I’ve seen criticism of Catholic blogs like mine and yours who are chatting about NFP, saying things like we’re out of touch with the ‘real world’ and ‘no one in the Catholic Church really follows that’. I’d love to chat more about this.

    • The Church exists in order to evangelize. Laity and ordained are part of the Church, so I say we are all called to share about the teaching. How we each do that on a individual level is impacted by our charisms, of course.

  4. Thank you for all you are doing to promote NFP! I think it will take a grassroots effort and witness of faithful couples to evangelize the benefits of NFP to others. As a teacher of the Creighton Model, it is hard to get the word out about the benefits of NFP in general, let alone a particular method. Thanks for being a voice and witness!

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