The Adventurous 7 Quick Takes

— 1 —

Let me state the obvious for those who frequent this space: WE HAVE A NEW SITE DESIGN! How do you like it? All the new changes are courtesy Dorian Speed (Up To Speed); she even painted the watercolor images with her artsy hand. We were going for something with more of a Das Schmidt Haus domestic church feel to it. Something unique. I say:


— 2 —

Earlier this week we were finalizing things with the redesign and Dorian suggested we publish a quick and fun post to make sure our email subscription service was working properly.

My response to her was something like: “Oh, I have this post on cremation I’ve wanted to publish! I could get that ready.”

CREMATION?! Oh how fun, Lisa! Hey, I’ve never claimed to be the life of the party.

Dorian wisely suggested that cremation might not be the best topic for our first post out of the gate. Could be a bad omen. So I’ll save that post for another day, and I know you’ll be waiting with bated breath until that time.

— 3 —

And because I’m not freaking out enough about ordination, let me increase the stress by staring at this countdown clock.

We had our last diaconal meeting with Bishop Pates earlier this week. On the drive over to the meeting, I started feeling like I haven’t prayed enough, or reflected enough, or talked this through enough, or thought enough about what it means to share my husband with the Church for the rest of our lives, or … {insert many other doubts right here}.

Would someone please volunteer to throw some cold water in my face and slap me a couple of times? I would ask Joel to do it, but a future deacon slapping his wife might not look too good in the grand scheme of things.

— 4 —

I traveled to Austin, Texas, last weekend for the Edel Gathering. It was great, and I’ll dish about it more next week. As I scanned my phone for pictures to post, this was the only one with me in it. Go big or go home!

Lisa Schmidt Jen FulwilerFor those living under a rock, that’s me with the smart and talented Jen Fulwiler of fame who co-organized the gathering with Hallie Lord.

— 5 —

Joel and I were guests on Bishop Pates’ radio show on Friday. We talked about our diocese’s upcoming Year of Marriage & Family leading up to the 2015 World Meeting of Families held in Philadelphia. The Bishop’s show airs on both Iowa Catholic Radio and Spirit Catholic Radio in Omaha. Audio from the show will be posted here soon.

— 6 —

Speaking of radio gigs, Joel and I will be co-hosting The Catholic Guy Show with Lino Rulli on Monday and Tuesday!  WE ARE SO EXCITED! Last night Joel asked, “So are we the only nobodies he’s asked to co-host?”  YES, we are! And we’re going to own that title, baby! Gotta claim a distinction of some sort, and we’ll take it. The show airs from 4-6pm (CDT) on SiriusXM’s The Catholic Channel (129).

To prepare, I dusted off my eighth-grade occupational paper titled “Don’t Touch That Dial!” in which I researched and wrote about the work of radio personalities. I am obviously quite proud of that paper having saved it for all these years. Notice the “A” I earned for my fine work.

Don't Touch That Dial

— 7 —

July 31 is (was?) my dad’s birthday. He would have celebrated #63 this year. On his birthday last year, my sister Sarah took Lucy (her god-daughter) to Adventureland Amusement Park to celebrate. Dad loved going to theme parks, so Sarah thought that would be a great way to celebrate. And it was! They had so much fun that we all decided to go along this year, and we vow to make this an annual tradition going forward.

Infant Ocean Adventureland

Growing up, Adventureland was the place we visited nearly every summer, and one of my earliest memories is riding that Infant Ocean. Now the ride itself isn’t all that thrilling. The reason I remember it so well is I lost a Lemon Meringue ring in that water about 35 years ago (Lemon Meringue, the friend to Strawberry Shortcake). I tried to convince Lucy to dive into the water and search for my long-lost ring, but she wasn’t feeling up to it.

What she WAS feeling up to, however, was a ride on the Dragon. As in this dragon.

The Dragon Adventureland

She isn’t even six yet! Is she tall enough?

Lucy Dragon AdventurelandYep! AAAAAHHHH!

So I hugged her and released my first-born to ride on her first major roller coaster.

A few minutes later, she exited the ride and I caught her reaction on video. I love how Jude celebrates with her!

Yet another one of those “letting go” mama moments. And what a great moment for Joel to experience with her.

Joel and Lucy Dragon ride

So how was that for a first post out of the gate under our new design? Hopefully it was more entertaining than the cremation post!

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  1. says

    Sad I didn’t get to meet you at Edel, but love your beautiful new site design! And, I really love how you all continue to celebrate your Dad’s birthday. Such a beautiful new tradition.

    • says

      Amanda, thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment! I’m sad I didn’t get to meet you, too, but hopefully we can now stay connected digitally and maybe even meet at an Edel gathering in the future!

  2. says

    LOVE the new page design! My own blog makeover is finally coming to fruition. Seeing your finished product is giving me the encouragement to keep plugging along. Many prayers for your fam as you prepare for Joel’s ordination. You can count on me to splash cold water in your face via the blog until then. If we all waited for what we thought would be the *perfect* moments to take the leap for things like this, they’d probably never happen. God’s timing is always better than ours! Can’t wait to hear ALLLLLLLLL about the big day! I love that you got a picture with THE Jen Fulwiler. I wish I could have been there right alongside you, but it turns out my being home was a much better choice. I’m so glad to hear that you had a fruitful trip. I’m so humbled to know such radio big shots. Look at you two! What a fun way to celebrate your dad at Adventureland! The video of Jude giving Lucy a squeeze is just too cute. It’s a blessed life you all lead. Keep these beautiful posts coming. Hope we can have a real life reunion soon!

    • says

      Thanks, friend! Yes, let’s get a reunion on the calendar! Missed you at Edel, but you made the right choice. Looking forward to seeing your blog redesign, too!

  3. says

    Oh my goodness, I very much remember the first time I let my oldest ride a big person roller coaster with my husband. I cried. Like a baby. But, I was dry eyed by the time they were done and her reaction was exactly the same as your daughter’s. To me, it is so weird the things that I am so excited about them being big enough to do and the things that I want to hold on to them for dear life from trying. I did not imagine roller coasters to be one of them.

    Love the layout of your blog!!!

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