1. Thank you for sharing that prayer. I immediately sent it to my husband. There’s a lot of unknowns in our future right now and that prayer brought tears to my eyes because it’s what I’ve been trying to pray but haven’t had the right words.

    Sitting alone with the kiddos during mass is one of my least favorite things. I understand your wariness and pray that you’ll have some lovely people help bookend your young ones! Thank you SO MUCH for this post!!! I’ll be praying for you!

  2. oneview

    Thanks for sharing this awesome prayer, which of course can be applied in the numerous areas and times of our life when we are unsure of where God wants us to go.

  3. RJD

    Thank you for sharing this prayer. I’ve just been accepted for the Call to Inquiry phase of formation for Cohort XV here in the Diocese of Des Moines, and this prayer absolutely sums up where I am right now. I’ll be keeping it close to me over the next months and years.

  4. What a wonderful post. I can relate in so far as having been a columnist for many years at The Catholic Mirror writing Family, Faith and Friends. I was often so vulnerable and so naked and so unsure sharing my faith and journey, wanting to “do it right” but also overwhelmed with the tasks of being a wife (not of a deacon, but of the father of my 5 kids) and being a mom. I had to remind myself often that I was simply a fellow pilgrim sharing the journey and the bread (com+panion) wth others on the journey. Sometimes I fed, other times I got fed. It wasn´t really my job to lead, just to be as faithful as I was able to be. There were days I felt like a total fraud, a “poser” and other days I was so excited to share the morsels that I had scooped up. You will be led by the Spirit of God because you desire so very much to be the servant of the Lord, you will be upheld in the things that you are called to do by yielding to the nudges of the Holy Spirit. You are not called to be perfect, but to attempt to be faithful and just that desire is so pleasing to our Father, that he will continue to protect, guide and fortify you as a deacon´s wife, mother, writer and fellow pilgrim.

  5. thank you for humbly sharing. Your honesty is a gift-I think we all feel spiritually vulernable at times, and posts like this can help others to not feel isolated in their situation. The prayer is so perfect- I´ll definitely be printing it for future use. God bless you, and I´ll keep you in my prayers.

  6. Hello you two… and today, in response to the bit of (insert word here — mine is angst) that is reflected in Lisa’s post. In June, Dee and I celebrated my 10th anniversary of ordination. And we have often commented on the distance between us in liturgy. We have also commented how we love to get away by ourselves where we can stand side by side in worship. Those times don’t come too often. (DW) Dee has been an absolutely ideal deacon’s wife in so many ways. She has grown, she has become more spiritual and we look forward to date days and evening prayer together… doing our Catholic Vitamins podcast together, etc.

    One final thought — the deacon is a symbol of something totally unique in the Church. He is an ordained man with a foot in two separate worlds. Having Joel on the altar while you sit ‘out there’ is a reminder of this. As his ministry grows, I think more and more people will come to understand the blessing of having someone who understands and tries his best to live in two worlds. It’s an example the laity needs to see (and come to understand).

    Blessings to you both.


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