1. How lovely! We have had our share of negative comments as well, but thankfully, we have several “Grandmas and Grandpas” that tend to sit near us and continue to bless us with their kind words.

  2. Love this, Lisa! I had a squirrel who turned into a puppy and licked me during Mass on Sunday. :) God bless the kind people at Mass near you. What a difference their perspective makes.

  3. I have a couple Pew Angels at my parish, too. God bless them. Grandpa’s words brought tears to my eyes. And don’t forget: from Purgatory/Heaven he can pray for you too!

  4. As a not-yet-Mom, I love sitting behind kids at church and catching their attention and reaching out to them. Little kids in my life are so rare, that I welcome the opportunity to shower kids with some attention. I know that there are people who aren’t like me – but I always want to tell moms who apologize that seeing their kids in Mass is just as good for me, as it is for the child. :)

    …now if college students are being distracted and noisy, well that’s another discussion…….. ;-)

  5. Cynthia C

    This is such a wonderful post. This is so true – and who doesn’t need Mass more than a mom of squirrley kids?!! I’m so glad you are blessed with your parish grandma and grandpa – we need more of those. :) God bless you!

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