1. Lovely. I imagine my 3 children (miscarriages) waiting for me at the gates of heaven. I live near Ames and I will share this on my page. I enjoy your blog, especially since I saw our family discerning the diaconate when our (6) children are older. Have a nice day.

    • You are right, he is creepy and ominous, but so is the thought of losing your child. He is juxtaposed in the image with the beautiful angel at the opposite side of the boat tenderly carrying the child to the Unknown Land. Perhaps it is why creepy is included: to show that although it is painful and scary for a mother to lose her child, there is hope that her baby is going to be beautifully cared for in another place.

  2. Teresa

    Thank you for sharing this painting. I lost my baby at 12 weeks in the womb this past December. It’s just so hard to describe all these emotions that I feel like I have to hide from the world and this painting helps me.

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