1. Yes! I love this! I feel very strongly about this, especially with a husband in retail who has worked the majority of Sundays throughout our marriage. Our weeks are much more centered when we’ve been able to worship and rest as a family on Sundays. It’s so great to read this.

    • Thanks for reading, Colleen, and passing along your kind words! Since Joel has been ordained, we’ve struggled a bit to find a balance between his commitments on the altar on and God’s commandment to honor the Sabbath. And I agree, when we are able to worship and rest as family, our weeks are more centered. Well stated!

  2. I read another blog post years ago advocating for families to pick one day – any day of the week- and designate it “Sunday” a day of rest. They didn’t have kids or M-F jobs so it worked for them. It sounds nice but completely unrealistic. :)

  3. It is a very doable thing though it does take a LOT of discipline. I managed to do it almost every Sunday when I was a single mother in grad school for three years. It was a matter of “shopping ahead” or “doing without” on a Sunday. It was my one day to completely be with my kids. Another grad student did his holy day as “sun down on Saturday to sun down on Sunday” and then he began studying again for classes. We both aced all of our tests/papers, etc that were due on Monday when we are completing this Sabbath discipline. As for the life teen thing I would count it as still keeping the Sabbath holy-you are doing a religious thing with your children-the focus is still on God. We now have our adoration hour at 5pm on Sundays which my husband and I alternate going to. We also try to bring our children (with religous books, coloring books, rosaries, etc) to our holy hour every so often. Many times we have a teen with us that slips upstairs for evening mass if they couldn’t make the earlier mass time due to sports or work or illness. We actually used to do it once a month, but slacked this year so it’s one of my goals for the new year.

    Thank you for this encouragement to try to make this a priority once again!!! For “anything worth doing is worth doing poorly” and God will bless us by the sacrifices that only He knows we make!!

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