1. Lisa, I totally agree about Facebook. I find that I alternate between cursing its name and being an enthusiastic user. My biggest weakness is discontent with my life when I’m reading about others’. But when I’m using it in a healthy way, I can connect with family and friends (without discontent) and spread the Gospel a little at a time. A healthy active prayer life sure helps keep it healthy. Thanks for the post. At least I know it’s not just me who struggles.

  2. Lisa, thank you for writing such an interesting and insightful analysis. I appreciate your perspective, yours as well as Sister Helena Burns. (and I think I took that photo of you two!) I have found Instagram to be a usually very soothing source of nice photos for me–at least the few people I follow. I have made a resolution to try to take one photo with beauty in it somehow, and post on Instagram (it’s connected to FB, too). It’s my way of showing gratitude for all those who have shared beauty with me. This just reminded me I haven’t done that for today. :-)

    • Yes, Nancy, I believe you did take that photo. Thank you! I love it. :) I really like your personal goal to post a photo a day. I enjoy IG to see people capturing beautiful moments to share with their followers — flowers, sunsets, family gatherings, a cathedral, snow, babies, etc, all reminding me of God’s great glory and His bountiful gifts. I’ll be checking in daily to see your entries!

  3. Jessica

    Hi Lisa!

    Being intentional and real on social media is a great place to be salt and light…but, the key part (cue today’s reading) is to share and comment with love (and grace, purpose, etc. that follow from that). It’s really easy, as you say, to use Facebook as a crutch to supply something we are lacking – and I am guilty of that. To become mindful of that is the first step to freedom and fulfillment.

    Also – I have been meaning to ask, can you please share more details about the 52-day Rosary Novena that you and Joel are praying? I am really interested in doing this with Dan.

    Thank you!

    • Hey there! Thanks for asking, and yes, I will share more about the 54-day Rosary Novena. I was planning on updating once we’re done (which is in two weeks, I think). But if I can’t think of anything to write about for next week’s post, I’ll write about that topic.

    • She is what she seems! Very upbeat and happy. I love her movie reviews, too. She and I spoke together at a women’s gathering two years ago. We first met at the Behold Conference in Peoria three years ago. She’s just terrific. (FYI, she’ll be speaking at the Martha & Mary Conference in Dubuque on Feb. 21.

    • Sami, thank you so much for blessing me with your kind words. You have been a super faithful and supportive blog reader, and I truly appreciate your readership and input. Blessings to you (and maybe we should finally meet for coffee or something soon, huh?!?!) :)

  4. Stacey N.

    Lisa, thank you for sharing your beautiful faith online. I’ve never met you, but I follow you on FB because I enjoy having your faithful, thoughtful, joyful posts in my newsfeed! You offer a wonderful example to follow. Thank you.

    • Thanks, Mark! Re: the godchild, I think so because we first met because of the pregnancy and infant loss ministry, correct? Would that have happened without FB? I think. But social media certainly helped the relationship develop!

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