1. I love this; it is such a privilege of mine to journey alongside my friends and help them dig deeper and find freedom. I’m sending you a hug AND high-5 over the internet!

  2. Crabapples > cherry blossoms
    Our new home has one of the largest crabapple trees I have ever seen right off of the deck. We moved in just after it had lost its blooms last year, so it was a special surprise to watch the pink petals flower this spring. It’s pretty tough to beat living in the northern hemisphere since the climate echoes our liturgical calendar so well. The gorgeous flowers in bloom coincide perfectly with the joy of Easter! Congratulations on your victory of choosing something for your heart instead of your waistline. Keep it up!!!

  3. Wow…I think we came to Des Moines two weeks too early! I did not know crabapples until I was in Waterloo and there was a street with a line of them down the middle. This sounds heavenly.

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