1. Jennifer

    Well, I wouldn’t say we formally called it a mentorship, but I have certainly had women in my life who mentored me in regards to mothering. My first such mentor I met through Church and she just took me under her wing. She was a grandma to kids my kids’ ages and she treated me like a sister. Love her so much. Now we are living 1000 miles away, my kids are all a bit older (three in school with my fourth in preschool) and I’m working part-time at my children’s Catholic school and I’ve found a mentor in my principal. Again, a lovely, wise woman who has mothered many children and is now enjoying her many grandchildren.

  2. I have had mothering mentors and have been that for many others in the spirit of the Titus 2 type of woman. For me, it has been very organic based on the seasons of my life, ever changing and evolving. God has provided the right women and given me the right opportunities to be that woman for others many times but I don’t personally have a lot of consistency with that. Again, I think the opportunities change based on the seasons of life but are always very necessary.

  3. I consider you one of those people for me, Lisa. I feel very blessed that I was able to learn about “adult life” by working alongside and watching you. While we aren’t “intergenerational” friends, it was like being friends with a senior in high school, when you’re just a freshman. I learned so much about being a professional, a dating adult, a wife, and also about being a faithful Catholic (long before conversion was ever considered). Even though, we aren’t in the same locale, your blog has continued to shape & influence my thoughts and faith practice.

    As a college student and young alum, I had the opportunity to be mentored by several women – single, young mothers, mothers of middle/high school students, and all of those friendships helped me better understand marriage and motherhood.

    My favorite relationships with students are those that evolve beyond course advising and take on a life-mentorship feel. These are the richest friendships.

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