1. Thanks for sharing, Lisa. I love this prayer. I had this on a prayer card and taped to my mirror back in my single days. You’re right – it still is applicable in many ways today. Thank you St. Anthony!

  2. Tia

    I love this prayer and it made me cry when I first prayed it. I wish every woman, especially lost women seeking fulfillment in relationships that lead nowhere in today’s secular culture, would get to know Jesus – he is their “the one”. I wish I had. I know what I will teach my daughter if I’m blessed with one.

  3. Chris

    I just don’t know about this prayer…the theology is not sound, honestly it sounds likeProsperity Gospel. I get that we need to Love God first, I agree with that, but when it starts talking about fulfilling us and sending The One, the person That will fulfill our dreams… that’s where you lose me. It’s not Biblical, it’s also not reasonable. If we are All called/Destined to marry one particular person…what if 500 years ago somebody married the wrong person…wouldn’t that mess it up for everybody. I don’t think St Anthony really wrote this. This is just spiritual babble

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