1. Kinda jealous that you get to have dinner with ‘other deacons wives’… I know a small handful of deacons wives and they either live really far away or are not even close to me in my age bracket : (

  2. Jennifer

    Oh Lisa! For the love of holy friendships! I am smiling from ear to ear reading this post. I spent the last month visiting my hometown and have been blessed with visiting my two dearest spiritual sister-friends and my sister (and new mother of twins) frequently during this time. It is such a joy to soak up the presence of these beautiful women. You are so right, as a busy mom it is so easy to just go into low-energy, introvert mode and let these sacred relationships fall by the way side, but also like you, after this trip I am resolving more than ever to make a greater effort to more frequently connect with them.

    p.s. I shared the idea of a Living Rosary in my neck of the woods and it caught on like wildfire! (New Brunswick, Canada if anyone is interested in joining us) Thanks!!

  3. Love this post so much! I attended Edel last year and went alone. I completely can relate to that missing piece you felt. Completely! But I love how you changed things up this year and I love how you’ve pursued and been more intentional with you friendships since. Thanks for the encouragement and call!

    • Thanks, Amanda. I waffled on writing that or not because I truly did have a great time last year and didn’t want to project a false impression. Thank you for validating me. :)

  4. realcatholicmom

    An Edel-inspired event in Des Moines?? Doooo it!!! If anyone can pull it off, I know you can. So glad to have seen you again, Lisa. ❤️

  5. Michelle

    Simply Beautiful! My ♡ was joy reading your this! Way to listen to your ♡ and carving out time with your spiritual family.

  6. Molly

    I am so thankful for our spiritual friendship!!! I love cutting through the fluff and getting down to it! Thank you for inviting me, I loved our weekend!

  7. I am so thankful for you and your life-giving friendship! You have put into words just exactly how much I need incarnation time with good women! So when’s our next girl date?

  8. Tara

    You put into words what I had being feeling about Edel. Everyone was very friendly, but going with one woman whom I didn’t know super well made me crave the deep relationships that I saw other women demonstrating. I love the take that you had on how to develop relationships and I’ll be following your advice over the next year. If you host something in Des Moines, I’ll drive from Wisconsin to be there (or help in any way I can!)

  9. Lisa!! I am so happy that we were able to connect at Edel. I just wish we could have had more time to chat and also I was super bummed that I did not get to hear you sing some Dolly!! :) I wanted to take a minute to say (as my toddler smears finger paint on my back) that I can REALLY relate to your desires for REAL, earnest friendships. The demands of motherhood, homeschooling and our farm life has made it kind of difficult for me to form friendships and to feed those friendships, because you have to spend time together, and I feel that time is such a limitation. Being at Edel reminded me that I need to give it a little more effort, because those friendships are so necessary for my heart and soul. I wish we lived closer, Lisa! I really mean it when I say we should meet up! It would be such a blessing to get to hang out with you for a while (and of course your sister and Molly, too, they are awesome!)!!

  10. Lisa, I believe I read this the day you posted it and love the idea of an Edel event in the Des Moines area! I know several ladies who would probably be interested. Emily Klaus, Jacquie Novak, Kendra Kruse, Sheila Stein, Kimberley Anne, Maura McDermott Koonz. What do you think ladies?

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