1. On a slightly different, but related note, perhaps you saw this article from Crisis Magazine? It’s been running around in my head for the past few days…there is no formula for holiness, but I think the author’s intent was simply to say “hey, don’t forget about good ole St. Josemaria”. In these cultural times, St. Josemaria’s writings remind me that we are ALL called to holiness every day, right where we are in the middle of the world–and that the means for our sanctification don’t lie in a far off monastery or enclosed community, but right in the midst of our families and workplaces. http://www.crisismagazine.com/2015/the-escriva-option

    • Absolutely agree, Lisa! The order of a monastery draws me. And the Benedictine balance of prayer and work and leisure have much to teach us in the domestic monasteries. It is a temptation of mine that must be mortified again and again to think that if only I lived in a monastic community, or if only I lived surrounded by people who shared my faith, or if only everyone in my extended family was Catholic or parented with the same values as me, etc, etc…THEN I could really become a saint and be ever joyful and life would be beautiful. Ha! St. Josemaria challenges me to find God and pursue holiness right here in the hot mess that is my life some days. With the people He has placed in my life, family, school, etc…When I want to run away, St. Josemaria’s writings help me to stay.

    • Yes, thank you. Rachel Manley also shared that post with me over the weekend. Quite the buzz around it. I appreciate his points. One thing about St. Benedict, even after he retreated to the desert to separate himself from the social disorder of his day, word got out about his spiritual gifts, and others flocked to him. Informal desert monasteries sprang up, formal communities eventually established, Benedict’s Rule that has stood the test of time was written … and fast forward several centuries, the rest is history. To me, that underscores that an authentic search for God leads to life with other people – we are an incarnational people, right? But there’s much to learn from Benedict and I think his Rule can be applied to family life in a real way.

  2. Vicki G

    Happy Belated Birthday! I have greatly enjoyed and benefitted from the writings of St. Josemaria Escriva and more recently, the same can be said about your writings since I discovered your blog! :) Thank you for the opportunity. Blessings!

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