1. We are still homeschooling, so no car line for me! Makes me nervous just thinking of it. (Please tap me on the shoulder and let me know if I’m doing the liturgy wrong. I love the Mass and want to “do it right”

  2. Lynn Spartz

    Lisa, I too love the Mass and you pick up things over the years that I’d love to share with fellow Catholics. By the way, these are things that I learned by jumping out of the car line:) for some reason I have to “live and learn”.

    1.) I found out that we shouldn’t receive the Eucharist if we have not heard the Priest read the Gospel. Get in line and cross arms to be blessed by the Priest.
    2) Recently, a Friend invited my husband and I to a small chapel for Mass with the Missionaries of Charity on Mother Teresa’s Feast Day, Sept. 5 and then we attended a Catholic Funeral Mass that same day… I learned that we can only receive the Eucharist TWICE in one day accompanied by a Mass.
    3) if I were to sum up being Catholic in 1 word it would be “BEAUTY”
    Thanks for your Blog it is interesting and entertaining!!!

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