1. I have had two encounters so far with St.Joseph. The first was organised by his earthly spouse who gave me the Knock Image that also includes him on the lower right side. She had me visit Her shrine at Knock in Ireland on the feast of Her Assumption in 2016 which was the culmination of a series of many strange and weird occurrences that followed an encounter I had in spirit on the 4th of July back in 2014. St.Faustina I believe was instrumental in granting me such a grace.
    I had no idea of course that it was St.Joseph, until I was given to ‘see’ him.
    At Knock, during the original apparition St.Joseph appeared with St.John the Evangelist and the Mary Queen of Ireland and Mother of God.
    This ‘seeing’ followed my waking up early one morning; last day of October 2017 and, in waking it seems like I was drifting out of a dream where St.Joseph told me to begin the First Wednesday novena to him.
    The Image from Knock I have printed out and enlarged and it is beside my bed so looking at it that morning I simply knew for the first time since I received it that the face on the lower right is in fact St.Joseph.
    I was just amazed and began the novena three days later and I am looking forward to the next instalment in February.
    Traditionally the novena is not begun until March but his instructions were clear. In March I will end the current required five and that end Wednesday will for me, be the first Wednesday of next five.
    I’m assuming the’s what he wants.
    I was having a great problem trying not to log onto pornography websites and I did ask him if he could help me to stop doing that.
    This was his response and it is slowly having a great and real effect. I am also presently enlisting the aid of ‘Our Lady Undoer of Knots’, a novena given us by Pope Francis – tomorrow is day ten!
    I haven’t by choice looked at a pornographic image in eight days. For me, this is amazing.
    If you can’t click on to my new blog to view the image displayed there, let me know and I’ll send you a direct link so you can see for yourself. The Image is complex and clear. Not all see the same when looking at it, some see nothing at all while others see stuff I cannot; yet.
    It is spiritually live.
    God bless.

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