Our Family

Sure, life with small children can be messy. How do you find God in the midst of those moments? Yeah, we don’t know either, but we’re out there making the effort. Every day is full of opportunities to practice virtue, courtesy of our children. If we make it to Heaven, it will largely be their fault.

Here are our blue-eyed beauties — Lucy, Jude, and Lydia. Did you catch our nice little current name game formula going: J2L3. Joel and Jude; Lisa, Lucy, and Lydia. We didn’t really plan the J and L theme, but now we like it. Maybe we’ll have another opportunity to play the name game. If so, given our playbook is now revealed, you may just figure out the baby’s name well before we announce one here!

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There are two more souls to mention. Luke and Jane, the two babies we never were able to hold in our arms. We lost them both to miscarriage; one was a twin to Lucy, and the other was our first pregnancy about a year before Lucy was born. We named them during our diocese’s Infant Loss and Memorial Mass. The photo here is from Mercy Hospital’s A Walk to Remember event that Joel helps out with each year.