I Don’t Want To!

I wonder how many times during my lifetime I have said or thought “I don’t want to do that.” I wanted healthier, happier, richer or better. I wanted more. I wanted something different than what I had at the moment. I didn’t want to serve. I didn’t want to suffer. I didn’t want to give … [Read more…]


I often wonder how many of my intentions and my words are misunderstood. Whether it is through a deliberate “I don’t want to hear that today” or a lack of communication, poor hearing, or my “mumbled” voice, being misunderstood usually has unintended and undesired consequences. The definition for misunderstanding is “mistake, mix-up, error, confusion and … [Read more…]


Are you feeling dull, bored, wanting more, something different, something new, a change? Isn’t that how we sometimes feel with our closest friends or even our spouses? Like we’ve heard the same story over and over again, or eaten the same meal at the same restaurant multiple times, or even gotten up to the same … [Read more…]