Laboring Through Lent

Black Bean Butternut Squash Soup

Today we wrap up our Lenten Soup and Stories series with a terrific post from Marcia Mattern about the spiritual similarities between Lent and pregnancy. “Forty days, forty weeks (or in my case more like 41 or 42 weeks!) Waiting and waiting for that baby, waiting and waiting for Easter.” And we’re also treated to a soup recipe that Marcia prepared right before welcoming Baby #6!

Julie’s Cajun Crawfish Soup

Julie Baldwin

Today’s Soup & Stories contribution comes from Julie Baldwin, the Editor-in-chief at Ignitum Today who blogs at The Corner with a View. A Midwesterner by birth, Julie currently lives in the South with her husband and baby. She has embraced southern living AND southern cooking and today shares her Cajun crawfish soup recipe. Lucky us! I’m not even a fish person, but I find this one quite intriguing!

Oh, one more thing. Please allow me to publicly congratulate Julie for being the first, and most likely only, person to ever use the praise “Slap Ya Mama” here in this space.

Ew Stew (otherwise known as Caldo Gallego)


Today’s Soup & Stories post is sure to make you smile. And by the time you’re finished reading, your tummy may be growling for this Spanish soup, too! The recipe comes from María Morera Johnson whom we’ve had the pleasure of meeting at the Catholic New Media Conferences. At the first conference Joel and I attended, […]

Lessons from the Parish Soup Supper


“Something is wrong when the best possible compliment you can give a fish dish is that it doesn’t taste fishy,” or so said Jim Gaffigan during a recent concert he gave here in Des Moines. The “anti-fishers” in the crowd had a good roar over that line, myself included. Given I’m not a seafood fan, when today’s Soup & Stories guest post hit my in-box a few weeks ago, I became excited. Could it be that our guest contributor has a plausible alternative to the Lenten parish fish fry? Please?! :) I’m really intrigued by how this parish is fostering fellowship and service during Lent, and all around a bowl of … yep, soup!

How a Bowl of Soup Helped me Home


Today’s Soup & Stories post is from a great friend and fellow contributor Catherine Boucher. Catherine is living proof that Nebraska Cornhusker fans are indeed people, too. (Sorry, this Iowa State alum couldn’t resist!)

First, a note from Catherine: This post in no way is intended to reignite the so-called “mommy wars.” I know tremendous mothers who work in and outside of the home. This post is simply about how a warm bowl of soup helped me to realize that God was calling me to be at home.

Albondigas — Mexican Meatball Soup

Albondigas Collage

We proudly welcome the sweet and talented Diana von Glahn to our Soup & Stories series. Diana is the writer and host of the television series The Faithful Traveler, a program that explores Catholic places of pilgrimage around the world. EWTN recently broadcast The Faithful Traveler in the Holy Land, a six-episode series that has received rave reviews (we’re fans, too!). And get this, The Faithful Traveler crew is returning to the Holy Land in May during Pope Francis’ travels there, and Diana and crew will film a new program called Preparing for the Pope. What a well-earned and deserving opportunity!
In today’s Soup & Stories post, Diana shares her family’s recipe for albondigas, a Mexican soup with hearty chunks of vegetables and small rice-filled meatballs. We’re preparing this recipe for our Sunday meal tomorrow, and our tummies are already growling for a bowl just looking at those photos. Muy bueno!