Being Deacon: Holy Associations

Deacon Joel Schmidt and Deacon John McCully

God’s call for us can be revealed through the people the Holy Spirit has placed in our lives. I blame Deacon John McCully. Whenever someone asks about my vocation story, I start with him. To read all about how Deacon John played an integral role in planting the “diaconate seed,” head over here and read my […]

Being Deacon: The Knot

Photo by Mark Hommerding/Diocese of Des Moines

Ever since I was ordained a deacon last August, I’ve meant to start a “Being Deacon” series. In fact, someone even contacted us through our Facebook page, urging me to provide this very series, but up until now, I’ve managed to churn out exactly one installment. Then, along came the Knights of Columbus, who asked me to write a weekly series this month for Fathers For Good.

Homily: Hello Again, Ordinary Time

Ordinary Time

Well, it’s that time of year again. You know, that L-O-N-G stretch of Ordinary Time that lasts from June to November. 20 weeks of green … hello Ordinary Time. What could the Church possibly be thinking? How about this: Ordinary Time is the most important time of the whole year. Deacon Joel shares his homily for the Eleventh Sunday in Ordinary Time.

Homily: Something to Shout

This image by artist G. Reni shows St. Luke the Evangelist writing the Gospel under Divine inspiration.

“Lord, let your face shine on us.” That’s the cry of David in today’s Responsorial Psalm. Interesting if you think about it. What is the precondition for a face? A body – flesh – which God did not have prior to the Incarnation. Before Jesus, the phrase “the face of God” was just a poetic metaphor for God’s favor or His grace. Then Jesus came along and changed that – and indeed, everything.