Are We Consenting to Christian Executions?


“Now Saul was consenting to his execution.” That line from today’s first reading from the Acts of Apostles is bugging me a bit. So much that I’m putting my first thoughts out here for your comments. As the reading goes, we walk alongside Stephen as he implores the people, elders, and scribes to stop rejecting Christianity. The […]

Divine Mercy Sunday – What “She” Wore

Jesus, I Trust In You - Divine Mercy Image

One of these days I’m going to take that fancy camera of ours and spend a few hours simply wandering around our home parish, the Basilica of St. John in Des Moines. For now, the iPhone has done a fine job capturing her beauty, and here’s a few “what she wore” on Divine Mercy Sunday […]

Leaving God at the Altar, Finding Him in My Housekeeping

Mary's Flowers

“It is most laudable in a married woman to be devout, but she must never forget that she is a housewife. And sometimes she must leave God at the altar to find Him in her housekeeping.” I first read those words by St. Frances of Rome back on March 9, her feast day. Depending on how you feel […]

Speaking Event This Saturday in Ames, Iowa


Joel and I are looking forward to speaking at this year’s Pure Fashion Show on Saturday evening at the Gateway Hotel Conference Center in Ames, Iowa. What’s better is Jonny Diaz is taking a break from his national concert tour to perform at the show. His name may not be familiar, but I bet you’ve heard his […]

A Saint Peg Doll Exchange – Des Moines Style

Saint Peg Doll Exchange – Des Moines (1)

If you follow the popular Catholic-crafty blogs such as Catholic Icing, you’ve probably seen Lacy’s posts on how to paint saint peg dolls and participate in a peg doll exchange. Those posts certainly inspired several gals (some husbands, too!) here in Des Moines to get out our brushes, call on the intercession of some holy […]

Desperate for Respite – Event for Families with Special Needs

Special Needs Ministry

While this post is intended for our Des Moines area readers, I’m sharing it here because Joel and I so often hear from families with special needs who simply desire and need a bit more support from their local parishes. Collectively, there is a sense that our Church can and should do better. But how? It truly […]