Manifesting Christ Still Today

Today is the actual Feast of the Epiphany of the manifestation of the Lord.  Even though the Church formally celebrated the Feast this past Sunday, we can (should) celebrate still today. During my morning prayer and reflection on the daily readings, I was reminded that Christ is asking me…us…to manifest Him to the world. On … [Read more…]

Input Needed!

When people ask: “Are you born again?” How do you answer? I’m collecting responses for a new blog entry I’m writing based on my experience at funeral yesterday. I could use some inspiration–humor is always appreciated! Leave your thoughts below or on our Facebook page which can be accessed by clicking the link to the … [Read more…]

A Shout out to!

I recently became aware of a terrific online resource called, an online apostolate whose goal is to provide a place where teaching is easier and learning is fun for students of all ages (adults included!). has over a dozen online interactive learning games which can be played in teams or individually with scorekeeping systems … [Read more…]