7 Quick Takes: Info on Ordination, Lino’s Visit, Charism Workshop, Speaking Gigs & More!


Tap tap tap ... is this thing on? Let me interrupt our blogging radio silence to share these very important details. 1. Diaconate Ordination! Joel's deacon stole and invites for ordination arrived two weeks ago. The invites still sit in the box, so it seems we need an office assistant to even get them addressed and out in the mail. If you want to attend but are waiting for the official invite, please don't wait on us to get our act together. The ordination Mass is open to the public, so … [Read more...]

7QT: 2 Days Late and Several Dollars Short


It's two days late and several dollars short of anything worth value, but hey, here's another round of 7 Quick Takes Friday Sunday. --- 1 --- Flashback, May 2011 --- riding donkeys in Lindos, Greece to get to the top of the city and tour the acropolis during our Footsteps of St. Paul pilgrimage. Why do I share this photo here and now? Well I found a way to weave our donkey riding experience into a post about Palm Sunday and my favorite Lent/Easter children's book for a guest blog post over … [Read more...]

7 Quick Takes: Too Much Feasting?

St.Joseph Day Collage

--- 1 --- I received an email early this morning that read, "Blessed Feast of St. Benedict!" Yay. St. Benedict is my man. Party on, Schmidts! Wait, what? I thought his feast day is July 11. So I turn to my favorite monks' website and learn there are actually two feasts of St. Benedict on the calendar for Benedictines. On March 21, they celebrate the Transitus of St. Benedict, meaning his death or passing from this life to eternal life. This is the day the Church traditionally celebrates saints' … [Read more...]

My 2014 Spiritual Board of Directors

Spiritual Board of Directors

A few years back I had a role in a musical based on the life of Blessed Pope John Paul II. The show's composer wanted to assemble a “board of directors,” a group of trusted individuals to oversee and advise the project. But there was a twist. All board members needed to be saints. So with cast members’ suggestions, the writer/composer assembled his board — a few Polish saints, some well-known evangelizers, a few musicians and voilà. We had our very own intercessory board … [Read more...]

I am Cheating Again: A combined {phfr} and 7 Quick Takes


As I sat down to the laptop and started to draft another edition of {pretty, happy, funny, real} I realized I had quite a few photos I wanted to share. Then I thought, Well, it's been several weeks since posting a 7 Quick Takes, so let's churn out one of those again. (Yes, hyperlinks ALWAYS appear in my thought bubbles.) Then I saw Dwija from House Unseen combined her {phfr} and 7QTs into one post here. If she can do it, so can I, right? And if memory serves, I've done it once before and didn't … [Read more...]

Through Our Lens: Love

Advent - Christmas Porch Lights

What's the Friday Photo Challenge word for the day? Here's a clue. How about an "all-things-we-LOVE-right-now-at-DasHausSchmidt" 7 Quick Takes? --- 1 --- As crazy challenging and exhausting the adjustment to three has been for me, I’m encouraged daily to see the genuine interest Lucy and Jude take in their new baby sister. It started at the hospital when a thoughtful nurse suggested waiting to give Lydia her first bath until her older siblings were available to help, which they were … [Read more...]

7 Quick Takes: Health Updates, Predictions, and a Special Mass

7 Quick Takes

--- 1 --- First, an update on my Grandma Mary Ann (Gigi). Thanks for all your prayers, friends. Great news. She's doing well. The doctors upgraded her condition from grave to serious, skipping over critical. She's been moved out of ICU and has even been allowed to get up and out of bed. She is eating, looking pretty good, and able to visit with family coherently. My mom told me grandma was anxious to get her prayer books from home and get back to her daily prayer routine. She has a special … [Read more...]

6 Quick Takes and 1 Not-So-Quick Take


--- 1 --- I'm 33-weeks pregnant now. All is actually really good! I haven't had the swelling like the other pregnancies, and so far I'm avoiding the pinched sciatic nerve pain I had while pregnant with Jude. But I'm struggling with one thing and just need to get it off my chest. Long story here, and I'll try to make it short given these are meant to be QUICK takes. Our family's primary healthcare facility is the new pro-life clinic in town. My doctor there has delivery privileges at the … [Read more...]

Lord, it is good that we are here


It's been an interesting week here at Das Schmidt Haus. As I reflected late last night, I keep ruminating on a phrase from sacred Scripture --- a couple of words Peter said after Jesus took him, James, and John up the high mountain: Lord, it is good that we are here (from the Transfiguration of Jesus, Matthew 17). --- 1 --- Lucy: "Mom, there's a dragonfly in our house." Me: "Uhhh, that's no dragonfly, sweetie." {Cue: screaming and scrambling to get out of das haus!} By the looks of it, … [Read more...]

Just who are these Practicing Catholics anyway?


August 12, 2013, marked the third anniversary of this blog. We’ve grown up a lot in three years time. Well, we’re three years older, anyway, and hopefully a bit wiser. When we started this little evangelization experiment, we had no idea what we were doing. Last summer we even gave a talk at the Catholic New Media Conference titled, “Starting a Blog Without a Clue.” And we truly didn’t have a clue. But alas, here we are. We’ve learned much and met a TON of great people across the globe. We … [Read more...]