7 Quick Takes: Info on Ordination, Lino’s Visit, Charism Workshop, Speaking Gigs & More!


Tap tap tap … is this thing on? Let me interrupt our blogging radio silence to share these very important details. 1. Diaconate Ordination! Joel’s deacon stole and invites for ordination arrived two weeks ago. The invites still sit in the box, so it seems we need an office assistant to even get them addressed and […]

My 2014 Spiritual Board of Directors

Spiritual Board of Directors

Here we are marching quickly through the first quarter of 2014, and I’ve yet to host the official-yet-unofficial oath of office for my 2014 spiritual board. So here and now I present to you my 2014 Spiritual Board of Directors: seven saints reaching out to me, inspiring me, and uniquely supporting my vocation as wife and mother.

I am Cheating Again: A combined {phfr} and 7 Quick Takes


As I sat down to the laptop and started to draft another edition of {pretty, happy, funny, real} I realized I had quite a few photos I wanted to share. Then I thought, Well, it’s been several weeks since posting a 7 Quick Takes, so let’s churn out one of those again. (Yes, hyperlinks ALWAYS appear in my thought bubbles.) Then I saw Dwija from House Unseen combined her {phfr} and 7QTs into one post here. If she can do it, so can I, right? And if memory serves, I’ve done it once before and didn’t get arrested. So let’s go for it!

7 Quick Takes: Health Updates, Predictions, and a Special Mass

7 Quick Takes

Another round of quick takes courtesy Das Schmidt Haus. Highlighted this week: an update on Gigi, insightful birth stories from the 1950s and 60s, a Chinese gender predictor that appears to be quite accurate, sucker prayer bouquets, and updates on our Diocese’s semi-annual Pregnancy and Infant Loss Mass.