What “I Know My Limits” Really Means

Lisa at Lucy's Baptism

My social media feeds blew up several days ago with friends near and far sharing their disgust over words an Iowa lawmaker spoke on the floor of the Iowa House. The lawmaker at the center of the kerfuffle is Representative Beth Wessel-Kroeschell who stands in opposition to a bill here in Iowa banning telemed or webcam abortions. In response, many prolife media outlets naturally issued stories with headlines reading, “Lawmaker says crying baby is reason for abortion!” Or, “Democrat Legislator: A Colic, Crying Baby is a Good Reason for an Abortion.” And while I agree they were right to call out Wessel-Kroeschell on the colic comment, it was another word that caught my attention. What was that word? Limits.

20 Ways (and counting!) At-Home Moms Can Volunteer for the Pro-Life Movement

Pregnant Woman

I recently received an email from a young at-home mom with limited access to transportation requesting advice on how she can get involved in the pro-life movement given her current stage of life and vocation. With the help of my Facebook friends, here are 20 ways busy, at-home moms can be engaged in the pro-life movement.

The K-Word I Just Can’t Shake

Anderson Cooper on Gosnell

If you’ve been following along with my A to Z posts, you might have noticed I skipped right over the letter K. Here’s the thing. I was ready to publish a post about kenosis and kerygma (sounds like a barn burner, no?), but I just couldn’t shake a different K-word. Kermit, as in Kermit Gosnell, the doctor currently on trial in Philadelphia for first and third-degree murders.

Biking for Babies on EWTN — TONIGHT!


Food for thought today: It’s been said that our generation will be remembered for what we did or did not do to combat abortion. What will your grandchildren say about your efforts? Passing along a note from our friend Jimmy, who’s doing something worth remembering. And he now has an international platform to share his message. Jimmy and his Biking For Babies cofounder Mike Schaefer will be guests on EWTN’s Life on the Rock tonight to talk about Biking For Babies, their prolife ministry.

Is This Jar Full?

Blessed Pope John Paul II

A wise, old Benedictine nun teaches a bunch of grumbling first-year seminarians about the necessity of keeping first things first. What can faithful Catholics take away from her lesson to fulfill the responsibilities of faithful citizenship on Election Day 2012?