Celebrating Successes — Quick Takes Style


— 1 — Joel and I were selected to present at the Catholic New Media Conference (CNMC) in Dallas/Arlington, Texas later this summer. Honored and excited, a nod and hat-tip like this gives us great motivation to keep up this crazy thing we call evangelization. This year’s conference is stronger than ever as CNMC joins forces […]

The Drumbeat for Beatification Builds


Since becoming involved in Catholic new media, I have become acquainted with a good number of inspiring Catholics who have captivating faith stories. One such person is Bonnie Engstrom — she and I met at the Behold Conference in Peoria, Illinois a handful of weeks ago. Bonnie and her husband Travis are intimately involved in the […]

7 Quick Takes: Here Comes the Behold Conference


The 2012 Behold Conference is a-l-m-o-s-t here! It is going to be a special event for the 500+ women attending with talks by Kate Wicker, the Sisters of Life, and Ginny Baldridge; music by Curb Records Recording Artist, Marie Miller; Mass; Adoration; and Confession. Bonus: there is a “Meet the Bloggers” segment this year, and […]

7 Quick Takes Friday: Post-Partum Randomness


Today, my post-partum mommy brain brings you 7 very random thoughts… — 1 — I’m counting down the days for the Behold Conference in Peoria, Illinois in a few weeks. Behold is a conference on the dignity and vocation of women, and the 2012 theme is “From the Heart of God.” I love this statement by Bonnie Engstrom, Behold Associate […]