Welcoming the Immigrant Among Us

Our Lady of Guadalupe

Some political issues remain simply political until they visibly impact the lives of those around us. Then suddenly we recognize them as issues of human dignity. My latest column for CatholicMom, a “World View Wednesday” post, revisits one such situation: immigration reform.

Truth be told, immigration reform was once just a bunch of talking points that affected a group of people. But then something happened to shake that up. Immigration reform became no longer just about “those people,” but rather, a topic that deeply affected people I knew — fellow parishioners and community members.

Even Papa’s Peace Doves Get Pecked Sometimes


“Christians who are afraid to build bridges and prefer to build walls are Christians who are not sure of their faith, not sure of Jesus Christ,” Pope Francis.

Bridge building can be hazardous, huh? Just take a look at what happened to the peace doves Pope Francis released while, ironically, praying for peace in the Ukraine where violent protests have raged since late November.

The moment provided a bit of inspiration for my latest piece at CatholicMom.com.

The Lost Art of the Handwritten Thank You Note

Handwritten Notes

Over the past few weeks, I have received what I consider rare treasures — handwritten thank you notes from a few family members and friends. I consider them rare as more often than not, notes of gratitude received these days tend to be delivered by way of email and Facebook. Looks like I’m not alone. According to the U.S. Postal Service’s annual survey, the average home only received a personal letter once every seven weeks in 2010, down from once every two weeks in 1987.