Archbishop Lucas on Conscience Formation & the Common Good

Sign outside St. Patrick Catholic Church near Omaha, Nebraska

Election Day, USA, is one week away. Our votes, God willing, will be cast and counted. As an American, what a privilege it is to live in a democracy with the opportunity to vote. As an Iowan, while I yearn for some respite from the stream of negative political ads, what an honor it is to live in a swing state that often feels like the epicenter of this election. One vote certainly can make a difference here. And as a Catholic, what an obligation it is to form my conscience and cast a responsible … [Read more...]

President Obama: Let Us Be Catholic

"With all the problems in this world, with the economy, with terrorism, with our country being sold to China, with Iran possibly becoming a nuclear power, with all these things, why is [the Obama administration] so obsessed on reproductive services? When did reproductive services become the national cry of our nation? When did it become more important than the Bill of Rights, more important than the Constitution? We [the Catholic Church] are the one voice that speaks out clearly to this … [Read more...]

Family Movie Night Returns to FOX this Saturday

Truth Be Told

Calling all families! Truth Be Told, the newest P&G and Wal-Mart family movie night collaboration premieres April 16th at 8/7c on FOX. We will be watching, will you? Get involved and show your support for good, wholesome TV programs! Ratings matter and so does the family of faith - let’s send a message that we want contemporary wholesome programs to watch on television! Be a part of the nationwide movement with other families who want good TV. Visit Moms 4 Family TV to let your voice be … [Read more...]

They Know Not What They Do


September 12, 2010: 24th Sunday in Ordinary Time The daily Mass readings this past week urged us to conduct our affairs in a manner pleasing to God. In 1 Corinthians, St. Paul urged us to purge immorality from our lives (Mon.), deal justly with one another (Tue.), refrain from idolatry (Thu.), exercise discipline (Fri.), and respect the Eucharist (Sat.).  Given we often fall short at one time or another, how fitting it is to begin this week with an unmistakable reminder of God's mercy! The … [Read more...]