The Das Schmidt Haus Baby Name Game


Stop me if you’ve heard this one before.

An ancient history professor went to the hospital to be with his wife as she gave birth to their first child. While the baby was born, the professor’s expression never changed. The child was put in the arms of his mother. Still the professor’s countenance never changed. The family moved from the delivery room to the post delivery room. Still the man’s face didn’t change; it remained bland. A nurse noticed this and asked him to go into the hall while they examined the baby.

In the hall she asked the professor, thoughtfully, “What name will you give the baby?” He replied, “Theophilus.”

How McDonald’s Shakes are Bad for Dogs

Sophie Sunbathing

** Disclaimer: Some details may or may not have been exaggerated in the retelling of this story. **

I know I’m not the only one going a bit stir crazy and itching for the first glimpse of spring. I hear people talking about “this crazy winter” nearly everywhere I go. Has it been colder or snowier than normal this winter where you live? It sure feels that way here in Iowa. Because it’s been so cold here, getting out, even to go deposit a check at the bank, requires bundling up kids like this:

Welcome to the World, Lydia Ann!

Lydia - thumb.jpg

I originally set out for this post to be a birth story of sorts. But the would-be narrative about a most blessed and holy event is simply not going to happen here and now. I guess I’m running with C.S. Lewis’s advice here:

“Life is too deep for words, so don’t try to describe it, just live it.”

Right on, chief, right on. This little babe has brought new hope and true healing to our family — hope and healing I didn’t even know we (read, I) needed. So I’m not even attempting here and now to put words to all this spiritual goodness percolating within me. I’m simply trying to live, learn, soak it up, and hopefully continuing to grow into the mom God is calling me to become … the mom I want to become, too.

So for now, enjoy some photos of Lydia’s first hours of life — {pretty, happy, funny, real} style.

10 Ways to Stress Out During First Month of Homeschooling

Frustrated Child Doing Homework

While cleaning my home office recently, I found a stack of papers I brought home with me after retiring from the workforce. Before pitching, I thumbed through them and had a great chuckle at one piece hidden away in that mess. It was a flyer titled “How to Stay Stressed” and it satirically proposed that we humans must really enjoy constantly feeling at our wit’s end because we are really good at inviting stress into our homes. The “self-help” flyer’s author was even so kind to offer strategies for how to stay crazy stressed out.

It provided a much-needed laugh because, you see, I’ve done a fine, yes a very fine, job of welcoming stress into Das Schmidt Haus the past month. So I got to thinking about how I could stay stressed out as our family continues to dig in and pull up our homeschooling boot straps. In the event you, too, are looking for tips and strategies for how to lose your marbles, here are a few suggestions.