7 Quick Takes: Info on Ordination, Lino’s Visit, Charism Workshop, Speaking Gigs & More!


Tap tap tap ... is this thing on? Let me interrupt our blogging radio silence to share these very important details. 1. Diaconate Ordination! Joel's deacon stole and invites for ordination arrived two weeks ago. The invites still sit in the box, so it seems we need an office assistant to even get them addressed and out in the mail. If you want to attend but are waiting for the official invite, please don't wait on us to get our act together. The ordination Mass is open to the public, so … [Read more...]

The Vocation of Dusting (+ a birthday giveaway!)

The Vocation of Dusting

"Dusting is important for saving the world." ~ Leila Lawler & Elizabeth Foss Dusting? Dusting. That was the quote from the Chapter 3 Summer in the Little Oratory podcast that most caught my attention. And it also brought back to mind a story filed away in my to-blog-about-one-day folder. Finally, a reason to talk about DUSTING! The story goes a little like this... One Saturday morning a few weeks back I headed across town to Des Moines' Southside and attended morning Mass and … [Read more...]

Biking for Babies on EWTN — TONIGHT!


Passing along a note from Jimmy Becker, our friend, brother in Christ, co-founder of Biking For Babies, and now ... a Catholic TV celebrity. We knew you had it in you, buddy! (Note below is edited slightly for formatting purposes.) ~ ~ ~ Dear Family and Friends, God bless you and your family!  I pray this email fills your heart with joy and brings an enormous smile to your face. THE GOOD NEWS: As some of you are aware, Mike Schaefer and I were recently interviewed on EWTN's Life on the … [Read more...]

The Spiritual Fatherhood of Fr. John Riccardo

Fr. John Riccardo

This post is completed in conjunction with Support a Catholic Speaker Month hosted at BrandonVogt.com. Click here to learn about the promotion. “Lisa, you need to get to the hospital,” my cousin pleaded with me on the other end of the phone. “Your dad has been in a serious accident. You need to come now.” That was three years ago today, September 30, 2009. And at that moment I knew my dad had died. I just intuitively knew. I’ve heard it said that daughters carry their fathers with them even … [Read more...]

Cardinal Wuerl’s Three Core Elements of The New Evangelization

Cardinal Wuerl

We recently heard his eminence Donald Cardinal Wuerl recount the time he received a letter from an elementary student that read, “It’s amazing that you know somebody, who knew somebody, who knew somebody, who knew somebody … (1 page later) … who knew somebody, who knew Jesus.” Apparently it sometimes takes a young child to explain big words like apostolic succession. We were there --- at the foot of the cross, at the empty tomb, in the upper room. We, as in the Catholic Church, were there. … [Read more...]

When Your Doctor Asks Why You Use Natural Family Planning

You eat organic? Then why do you take the Pil?l

Have you seen this image floating around cyberspace lately? (Hat tip: IUseNFP.com) It reminds me of my postpartum checkup a few months ago. While reviewing my chart, the doctor noticed I had written "Natural Family Planning!" in the box that asks about birth control. Doctor asks, "What made you decide to use natural family planning?" And my response? "Oh ... because I don't want to ... you know ... digest something the World Health Organization labels as a Group I Carcinogen ... you know … [Read more...]

Healing After Perinatal Loss: How Can You Help?

Do you know someone who has experienced a miscarriage, stillbirth, infant death, or ectopic pregnancy? Many of our lives, either directly or indirectly, have been touched by miscarriage, stillbirth, infant death, or other such perinatal loss. As with any death, the need for healing in these situations is great. However, many of us fail to reach out to those suffering around us, because we simply don't know how to help. Mercy Perinatal Hospice Nurse and Bereavement Coordinator Ann Valdez … [Read more...]

7 Quick Takes Friday: Preparing for Lent


Thanks for stopping by our blog! On most Fridays we share our 7 Quick Takes and link up to the blog Conversion Diary. Sometimes our "takes" have a theme; other times, it’s just a series of very random, rather useless thoughts. This week's theme was an easy chip shot given Lent begins on Ash Wednesday next week. Wowsa --- it really is right around the corner, eh? I’ve shared a few Lenten resources here, and I would love to hear what practices or devotions you are incorporating into your Lenten … [Read more...]

Cancer Survivors Climb Mount Kilimanjaro


Come, let us climb the mountain of the Lord Now this is inspiration! A group of cancer survivors and caregivers are climbing Mount Kilimanjaro as part of Above and Beyond Cancer. A group of 40+ (including Msgr. Frank Bognanno, pastor of Christ the King Parish) left Des Moines, Iowa in early January to climb the African mountain. This truly is an amazing journey for people who have heard those dreaded words, "You have cancer." Personal growth can come from adversity, and these great cancer … [Read more...]