A Super-Stupendous “Celebrating Advent with Children” Giveaway

Welcome Baby Jesus by Sarah Reinhard

What better way to capture the wonder and awe of the Advent season than to experience it through the eyes of a child? In that spirit we present to you our super-stupendous, heretofore unprecedented, soon-to-be legendary "Celebrating Advent with Children" giveaway.  A little overzealous? Hey, what can we say. We is what we is, and we be zealots ... albeit tired zealots. Sorry if we're not as funny to you as we are to ourselves right now. Future generations may not write songs about this … [Read more...]

Tune In and Listen: Catholic Women Now is On-Air!

Catholic Women Now with Julie Nelson & Lisa Schmidt

In eighth grade I wrote a paper titled "Don't Touch That Dial!" The assignment was to select an occupation of interest, research it, interview an expert in the field, and then present it all in a paper. I chose radio broadcasting ... I must have been a talk radio geek back then, too. I was so proud of the final paper and my hard-earned "A", that along with a few other items from my school days, it sill occupies a place in my keepsake box. Mrs. Hutton, the best English teacher a mom could select … [Read more...]

What Ever Happened to Reason?

Photo by: Scout Tufankjian for Obama for America, used under creative commons license.

Civility can eventually lead to Chesterton, or at least Jurassic Park. Now that the debates are over, I must admit I was less than impressed. Often the tone pitched, the attacks personal. Candidates didn’t discuss why the opposition’s policy proposals might not be in the best interest of middle-class Americans. Instead, they accused the opposition of not caring about middle-class Americans. Big difference. When in closing remarks one would drop the gloves long enough to refer to the other as a … [Read more...]

My Prayer for Women During This Year of Faith


When Dr. Tom Neal asked me to write a guest post for the Year of Faith blog, he gave me two instructions: 1) the post must center around women and faith, and 2) it be under 500 words. Seriously? I get one shot on a topic I am most passionate about and am only alloted 500 words? So I cast wide my net, prayed for the Holy Spirit to inspire me, and read, reread ... and reread again Pope Benedict XVI's apostolic letter Porta Fidei (Door of Faith). How surprising that the movie Pleasantville, June … [Read more...]

The Smoke of Satan in Steubenville

Steubenville Logo

City Council agrees to remove image of chapel from new logo. UPDATE: August 3, 2012 – According to Steubenville City Manager Cathy Davison, the mayor, City Council, and administration are reviewing all options regarding the city logo. At this point, no lawsuit has been filed against the City of Steubenville. Alliance Defending Freedom (formerly Alliance Defense Fund) is reportedly considering setting up a national escrow fund to help the city fight this issue. A couple quotes: "All of the … [Read more...]

Indivisible: Jay Richards on Law, Liberty, and Freedom

Indivisible: Restoring Faith, Family, and Freedom Before it's too Late

See giveaway details to win a free copy of Indivisible! On the heels of the Fortnight for Freedom, we're using Independence Day to kick off a new series based upon the New York Times best-seller Indivisible by Dr. Jay Richards and James Robison. Quite simply, this is the right book at the right time. In Indivisible, Richards and Robison tackle tough moral and political issues facing Christians today, including abortion, stem cell research, marriage, education, economics, health care, the … [Read more...]

Fortnight for Freedom in Des Moines

Independence Celebration - Des Moines Diocese

On Sunday we beat the nearly 100-degree heat with 2,500 other faithful Catholics in our diocese to make a statement about religious freedom, our first and most cherished liberty. Sponsored by the Diocese of Des Moines, the event was coined the Independence Celebration Walk & Picnic and was planned in conjunction with nationwide Fortnight for Freedom efforts. The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) has called for a "Fortnight for Freedom" from June 21 - July 4 as a period of … [Read more...]

President Obama: Let Us Be Catholic

"With all the problems in this world, with the economy, with terrorism, with our country being sold to China, with Iran possibly becoming a nuclear power, with all these things, why is [the Obama administration] so obsessed on reproductive services? When did reproductive services become the national cry of our nation? When did it become more important than the Bill of Rights, more important than the Constitution? We [the Catholic Church] are the one voice that speaks out clearly to this … [Read more...]

Emilio’s Way


Emilio Estevez cites family, spirituality, and pro-life values as motivators. Read on to learn more and enter to win a copy of The Way now out on DVD/Blu-Ray. Quick, what’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the name Emilio Estevez? Brat Pack? The Breakfast Club, Young Guns, or The Mighty Ducks? How about Martin Sheen, acting family, or Hollywood royalty? Think unconventional. Consider that from his very beginning in the film industry, Emilio wanted to make his own way, … [Read more...]

Out of the Mouths of Babes: In Celebration of Catholic Schools Week

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January 29 -  February 3 is Catholic Schools Week This is one week each year that students, staff, and parents celebrate the gift of a Catholic education. Make no mistake; it is a gift. I spend my days as a first grade teacher at a Catholic school in Des Moines, Iowa. My first graders are like first graders anywhere. They are learning to read and write; add and subtract. They tattle on each other, talk without raising their hands, laugh at silly stories, and cry when someone hurts their … [Read more...]